Too many sun flowers
too much doubt
finding myself
like a murderous trout
I got the answers
but I don’t know why
trapped in the cosmos
trapped in the mind
somebody else
let’s you forget rhyme
drink it all down
too many ways out
too many shame clouds
finding myself now
and then it goes black

Between it and us

Darkness surrounds the light
suffocating it just right
soft and tenderly
it strangles until she screams
the darkness drinks her heart
burns her until he starts
starts to feel something
from hearing all her screams
darkness surrounds the light
suffocating her just right
he struggles just to survive
soft and tenderly
he mutes the screams tonight

Cosmic brilliance

Distant stars are wanting
souls of hungry ghost
the universe is taunting
everything is death
decay and fevered dreaming
drinking all the pain
remember you’re still breathing
but death will get his gain
the universe is painted
with blood and all this flesh
decayed and broken down
to cosmic brilliance.

Universal graveyard

Blue blooded cosmos
stars lost in lungs
broken down marrow
just because
red hot revival
heart tissue tears
releasing the secrets
kept in the hair
tangled and bloodied
attached to the spine
blue blooded cosmos
the stars have all died.

Stare into the sea

Drifting in the darkness
the cosmos under sea
oceans baring over
the heart is under siege
everything is starlight
though everything is black
darkness taken over
the world will not come back
drifting in the empty
the barrenness of night
the soul has overcome
the flesh that held its life