Courage is an art

I am not afraid
alone and in the dark
I’ve become a slave
yes courage is an art
pulls me into arms
makes my skin quite hard
and tells me to move forward
even in the dark
cannot see but still I’m moving
cannot hear but will not scream
I am not afraid
I’ll make this nightmare into a dream
turn the shadows twisting
away from my faint heart
die before it’s over
yes courage is an art


I just wanna escape
don’t want to think too much
just wanna play all day
forget the junk I have to do
just want to get myself through
don’t know the truth
drive through the night
all in my mind
thinking too damn high
I’m just stuck
just wanna escape
I’m too tired to
I just want to get through
want it all to be done
so I can continue


Don’t have much
but I’ve got faith
broker than I’ve ever been
but more than safe
God gave me answers
in the form of love
God has kept this ship
from the bottom
of the mud.