Seven simple arbitrary numbers

I love you
don’t you understand
you are
like my biggest fan
I adore you
even though we’ve never met
I know you
and all about your circumstance
do you want me
tell me everything
that you got off me
like a little birdie I sing softly
so don’t you ever speak just listen
when I’m talking
you want me
I love you oh so much
and now we’re walking
you’re like my biggest fan
don’t you understand
cause you still want me
as I shove you off a cliff
you’re falling
falling faster than I can catch
just keep calling and calling
I love you
even though we’ve never met
you’re like my biggest fan
I won’t forget
but then again we’ve never met
I love you
but more so I just love the checks

Empty apartment

She talked of many things
her heart was filled with love
and everybody loves this girl
loved her ever so much,
but no one could see behind
the lips that formed a smile
never looked her in the eyes
the eyes that held this child
every bit of darkness
she left out for display
she talked about many things
things you never heard her say
her heart was filled with sadness
she tried to cure it with love
never felt the return
even though
she heard it all the time
and when she said goodbye
you missed her you even cried
thought she might be dead
but didn’t care enough.

Wake me

Touch me
touch me like you love me
feel me
make me real again today
show me
show me how it feels to breathe
I don’t understand
the meaning of sleep
everything breaks and I am me
a form of a body or something
if my bones shatter
I will not scream
touch me until I can fall to dreams
teach me to human
teach me to be
if I exist
it can be proven
touch me until I feel the movement