More updates

Slowly it is coming
soon we will reveal
a site that is consistent
in content, look and feel
a variety of genres
and of course more poetry
along with publications
and probably some more things
thank you for the attention
and all the reading love
slowly is coming
with so much content to eat up
but in the very meantime
just thought I’d give my thanks
it gives me more to write about
and keeps an even pace

The peculiar case of Alchemist in Space

When the universe comes calling
the earth will never be the same
everyone will know the truth
of the truly mundane,
when aliens move in
to the neighborhood
we normalize the fantastical
make nothing out of good,
but there is an Alchemist,
a young man you’ll soon meet-
Jake remembers wonder
he loves discovery,
Jake believes in magic
as he mines the universe
every dying star
another world to transverse-
an Alchemist in Space
he’ll quench your hunger
with his thirst.

Arissa’s creed

Don’t kill the magic-
that’s her real creed,
don’t tell the mundanes
what the supernatural means,
don’t reveal the secrets
of the universe,
don’t tell the other living
how the afterlife works,
keep the dead from breaking
the wonder of the world-
just stay dead
will tell you
why magic is the cure.