She could taste

She wanted the boy
he wanted another
she stole him at midnight
by hiding the other
she took him in comfort
before he could know
she stole him at midnight
and felt fully known
he took her again
and they become pair
the other still hidden
no longer there
he never does ask
all he can see
is that there’s someone
who caters to needs
she gives him comfort
the other unclean
she wanted him
she gets what she wants
but now she is having
bitter second thoughts
he wanted the other
but she’s what he’s got
she wanted something
but not what he gives
the other that was hidden
she never should in
should have given him
what he actually wanted
she should have found out
what else she could taste

Comfort in the mirror

The comfort in the mirror
the picture comes no clearer
the writing is still hidden on the wall
nothing making sense this time you fall
crying while you’re laughing
singing but not dancing
the comfort that you feed is dying
everything is starving
the comfort in the mirror is lying
an illusion of a face you do not see
the picture all but blurred to black
the life that’s taken won’t come back

Flesh unmoved

Isolated once again
grace of God my only friend
the human side that lacks all faith
finds no comfort while I pray
alone this flesh begins to break
slowly into last mistakes
decayed and sadden
all but broken
lost and all my will unspoken
isolated all alone
this human flesh aches to the bone
I cry to God for relief
my soul feels comfort but not my feet
flesh it yearns for another touch
someone else to feel the rush
connected and quite tethered too
my soul it tends to flesh unmoved

Middle of the night

Lies can make you happy
in the middle of the night
sing a pretty song
make the world a new delight
and cherish what’s not happened
forgetting that you cried
the lies will keep you warm
in the middle of the night
lies can make you happy
burn a fire keep you warm
lies can soothe the heartache
keep you from growing sore
no bitterness to swallow
no absence of the warmth
lies can keep you going
when all you want is to die
yes lies can change a lot of things
like temperature and pain
make the coldest of the midnight’s
feel like summer in the day
lies can do a lot of things
but in the end they’re lies
so careful what you tell yourself
to get you through the night

The way home

She used to whisper that she understood
like the waves of the ocean knew she would
as every little comfort that tucked her in
she used to believe so strongly
her heart grown colder and wanting
she used to whisper softly
take walks and think of longing
so lost and long ago
the ocean waves they had always known
she’d make her way back home

Left of us

Burn away the suffocation
placate scars with gratification
pleasure the senses-don’t forget
bath in salt and peppermint
keep the aroma fresh and simple
everything clean, red, and traditional
burn away the smell of death
decay of human innocence
burn the petals and the trunk
fill the ashes with what’s left of us

No longer

The light that shines
through darkness
never really seen
the broken doors and windows
leave entrance for the thieves
I’ve been sitting sick and pretty
waiting for the end
dying from the inside
the sickness in my head
the light that shines so brightly
through darkness and through hell
brings comfort without vision
making masters out of shells
hunk of human flesh
enough from the start
broken is the brain
creating all the parts
the light that shines
through darkness
makes my body gold
a broken doll no longer
my faith has made me whole.

Threading the ribbons

Take the ribbon and the thread
make her pretty once again
toss the glitter on the floor
spread the legs on old headboards
sow shut with lace and then pretend
make her know what comes from bed
cushions comfort and you said
once the baby’s born we met.