Colors that heal

Black and blue pastels
bleeding oil wells
down the monikers
and drown the cats that purr
keep the kittens clean
the dogs they are quite mean
churning in the milk
and kill the colors that heal


Blended my sugars
blended my colors
I go up high
destructing others
watching them dance
move like good pawns
I got the chessboard
playing along
blended my sugars
put coffee in cream
I got the eyes
that glitter and lean
holding up walls
painted all red
watching the breakdowns
feeling the meds
I got the troubles
watching them play
I don’t give no fucks
watching the pain
little good robots
dancing on time
I got the colors
blended just right

Oil pastels

Everything is blending
the colors start to swell
I’m desperate for the taking
colored slowly while in hell
blending all the accents
keeping definition numb
everything is bleeding
the colors start to give
weeping out the sorrow
telling empties how to live
everything is moonlight
but colored as sun glow
everything is blended
nothing parts
and nothing shows

Can’t go back

Blue and orange
purple turn lavender
the world in pastels
burning oils on the shelves
bleeding blood made of violets
flowers in my eyes
I’m seeing stars again
drinking in the mold
eating up the stardust
grinning in the sun
blue and orange red rivers
swimming through the mud
purple turn lavender
reds bleed black
the rivers filled cold now
can’t go back

Purple roses

Bleeding purple roses upon a white altar
drowning in the blue buds and the tide
seeds all floating in the ocean
the midnight painting all the sky
rising from the wave foam
thriving but not alive
bleeding purple roses upon a white altar
drowning on the surface
bleeding colors into blight
floating in a garden a sea of red orchids
drinking in the poison the sea all I have left

Pastel clouds

Pastel clouds raining diamonds
multicoloured gems and stones
everything is shattering slowly
burning up and melting poorly
never dripping never drop
the chunks they form
and then they stop
right above the wide open eye
the pupil dilated the iris all white
pastel clouds in dying sky
rain diamonds down in multicolour
everything falls to another


Moving colors in the sky
midnight purple passing high
blues and pinks all mixed up
the reds and greens all out of luck
raining down on the world below
clashing cheer no lies hold
washed away in chartreuse dreams
all the colors paint the truth
the honest strokes the sky ensues
moving colors in the sky
they slowly rain down
on this cold midnight
twinkle and burn then they die
a picture of truth left in their stead