Going back

I wanna be a clown
but they took it from me
my red nose no longer beeps
can’t entertain
can’t suck my teeth
I’m dreaming in those greys and black
can’t keep coming from the back
I wanna be a clown
but my shoes are flat
no more squeaking pants don’t sag
they took it from me
took my laugh
nothing fun about not going back

Clowns in my head

I forget to take my medicine
forget to tell myself the date
I forget to take my medicine
the world falls slowly out of place
and then I’m in this mess again
I’m drowning just the same
burning into cinders
underwater and under sun
running in small circles
forgot my medicine
regretting the fun to happen
like the clowns in my head
singing ever singing
drowning deeper just because
I forget to take my medicine
and don’t get out of bed
not really sure how long it’s been
but the clowns are still in my head

Turning in the circus

Turning in the circus
drinking in the glee
smoking up the colors
bleeding from the sea
everything is tasty
the earth feels quite a home
turning over flowers
growing all alone
burning in the lungs now
take another drink
the clowns have all been coming
the smoke is all around
turning in the tents
the new is so profound

Will to survive

They’re coming
they’re coming for me
not saviors
not saviors you see
the demons have come
they’ve taken to me
those that should love me
they’ve let me down
I fought for this life
but I’ve been the clown
the demons have knocked
on all other doors
I can’t keep them out now
they’ve come through my floors
bleeding is black
when you’re all alone
I won’t come back
I’m done waiting for
They’re coming for me
coming for me
they’re breaking the seams
arms ripping from
no legs in harsh shackles
they’ve come they are here
no saviors in sight
it’s time to decide
do you continue the fight?

Clowns in alabaster skies

Circles in the air
everything is here!
The square all festive
we throw our brains
right down
shooting cotton clouds
we grow braver now
now that we see clowns
circles in the air
the red nose we see clear!