Show folks and carni kids

Put it in perspective
put it your mind
that everything is different
from various other sides
do you have a blanket
or even just a couch?
Do you own a car or
have a pool to test out?
Sometimes you never see
the things that do exist
if you’ve ever owned a monkey
I’m tired of your shit
every tear that’s shed
is a tear for us to drink
your mental health has cost
and you can afford that shrink
so cry me a fucking river
and fill that river with cash
if I should feel sorry for Justin Bieber
I should get paid for that
perspective changes lots of things
turning entertainers into kings
we forget what show folk means
just carni kids that are paid to sing
so sing for me and accept your bed
if your life sucks-you’ve chosen it.

Katy Perry on deportation

Deportation is a sin
unless that man
is white in skin
a threat to me
because I say!
I am Katy Perry-
so deport away!
He threatened me,
stalked my day-
I am so completely afraid
doesn’t matter that M13 stays
they may be a terrorist group
but I am not okay!
Just like liberals who hire guns
you deserve justice just because?
Oh-you have the funds
to pay for it
keep everyone but those
I don’t pick.


The rich will act
as wealth don’t matter
all of it the same
then they will tell you
all the factors
to your pain
but cash in hand
gets more than laughter
bravery will get you killed
but when you live inside the castle
you don’t know how the
impoverished feel.

American Benefits

I don’t have a drug problem
I don’t have a baby
what I have are bills to pay
with no assistance to save me.
I pay into benefits
they don’t offer me anyway.
I am not a junkie or a single mom
if I were today most my problems would be gone
if I came illegally or was a refugee
the government would provide me
money to get onto my feet
but I have lived a good life
I’ve been responsible
I gave my life to social work
but could be without a home
I have worked my whole to make it comfortable
I have given up my mind
and now I’m on my own.
Never thought my country
would turn out not to be my home
a place where all my labor
turns out to be on loan
for someone very different
to make it all their own.
No, I have lived a good life
but now I’m on my knees
there is nothing left in a country
filled with thieves
we protect all others
leaving good citizens to bleed.

Everybody’s in a red shirt

Never speak a word
neither noun nor verb
you might yet get hurt
now that everyone is
afraid verse.
Speak truth not again
this world a cold haven
of thoughts not yet given
to acts of critical examination.
Honesty a victim
of lost inhibitions
no courage
just submission
making slaves for the richest
follow thieves to the ditches
remain silent in witness
to your end-
speech useless.


Let them eat cake!
Let them be safe!
Let them donate!
Let them all pay!
Here we are again,
nobody’s your friend.
We shall end up dead
forgetting the rich have fed
on our skins and bones-
can’t you hear the moans?
Not reaping what you’re owed
but living life on loan-
all this stress for soul
this cost is all you know.
Pay until you sow
never to be let go
you belong right here-
sustained by ignorance and fear.

Jack knows how to write

Don’t take that money?
Don’t take that money?
My god Jack you took that money!
you must think that I’m a dummy
rhyming schemes from sad to mad
frame your lady like she ain’t bad
whip that cream but just admit:
you take that check
just like your chick.
Everybody pays for the train
they may not take credit cards
but damn your loves lame!
Lyrics like this have gotten you fame
that’s not a feat
just makes lies outta your game
another rich kid playing in dirt
trying to make his worthlessness work.
Don’t take that money
how about stop selling your lies
made yourselves prostitutes
now trying to rewrite.
You are not real
not the middle class
if you were you’d know the importance
of taking cash.

We the people

Empower not a statement
to the lower class-
can’t you see the mirrors
staining up the glass?
Cover all these bodies
then burn them into ash.
No one needs a martyr
just give us back our cash!
Everybody’s special,
everybody hurts,
no one’s willing to die-
but everybody’s speaking words!
Survivors just a victim
when you can’t change the world
for if you find equality
you cannot rule the earth.