It bears repeating

When they come
you know they will
break their bones
and cut their heels
wound them ever
break their souls
and feed their needs
everything will be alright
whatever you choose
it will go on by
if you live-only if you survive
you just have to live
with that fight or flight
reap what you sow
it bears repeating
the only thing you’re owed-
your choices fleeting


Choose strength
choose courage
choose to be braver than
anyone who ever said you can’t
and rise
don’t give up the fight
make the choice to thrive
and never let a word be read
that you’d give up or let
the world win
rise above
all their reasons because
all the doubt and the lies
no one else is living your life
let go of excuses and bleed
bleed out everything
feel the hurt and the pain
choose to live your life by the blade
choose strength not power
choose to burn all the cowards
break your bones and always know
you will survive
choose to be a hero
and do what’s right
never silence yourself
break free of brain signals that fail
rise up and prevail
or die standing your ground
justice you’ve found
in never backing down.