The comfort in the choice I have
the comfort that disgust
if I want to not exist all I do is thrust
press a little deeper or simply drink too much
a passive suicide or aggressive thank you done
the comfort that I find in this
is the choice is mine
I don’t have to think about the sorrows or goodbye
I can just take one breath admit I’m out of time
forget the rest and dump the gift
it’s all a matter of mine
so I admit I mustn’t trip I merely serpentine
the thought it comes and then it goes
running through my mind
to know I have the final say
the decision always mine
a lick of control and wouldn’t you know
I’m living still kept breathing
in a world of chains at least I know I’m fleeting

At the throat

Let’s fuck baby
get it done quick
let’s fuck love
and take another hit
oh baby don’t act
like you don’t know
please don’t cry
when you open that door
let’s fuck baby
it’s all the same
when you think about it
and feel the shame
let’s make choices
really bad mistakes
be no wiser
when we hit the grave
let’s fuck baby
don’t think about the days
don’t remember nothing
just keep it all in place
let’s make moments
pride in what we don’t
never done nothing
but choking at the throat

Kanye West the Savior the black communities needs-not deserves

Slavery is a choice
in present day America
you choose to sell your voice
and keep yourself in chains
every black person enslaved
is another person freed
Harriet Tubman said it best
she could’ve saved them all
but many wouldn’t move
many fought to stay
we forget the slaves
that kept their masters safe
you say 400 years
it’s more like 93
depending on how you count
depends on what slavery means
Kanye had it right
and now everybody’s mad
refused to sell a lie
to enslave himself.

public shaming

Pray to the demons
you’ve nothing left
grace is beyond you
or so you’ve said
you find no fault here
though tears do well
nightmares plague you
you’re trapt in hell
so why not now drown
and show your hand
you’re only as powerful
as the mob you’ve fed

Sex work

Watch me, watch me
pay to see my flesh
give me credit cards or checks
I’ll give you VIP access.
Touch me, touch me
pay to play with these, undressed,
give me cash to gain access
my flesh a paid event.
I am who I am
don’t you dare judge me like that-
my choice, my voice, my agency
stop forcing me to forget me.
Sex workers have mind’s on knees
we can give head while we think
victims are trafficked,
prostitutes are classic,
a way to make money
with the product we packin’-
trafficking isn’t
the same as my actions.
Sex workers are workers
through and through
stop using the victims
to fuck with our truths
victims need help,
sex workers need tools.
Watch me, watch me
I’m gonna make my money
gonna flaunt my body
sell my cunt-you can’t stop me.
Touch me, touch me,
every job is dangerous
I knew the risk when I got in
those that don’t
wouldn’t be considered employees
in that sense.
Sex workers are workers
by our own fucking choice.
That’s the difference between-
those who are trafficked
who don’t have a voice
and a sex worker
who is
gainfully employed.