You know that feeling
when you flee into the ruins of
a Comic Book Shop?

The feeling of
safety, power and understanding?
The power of Superheroes!?
This FREAK does!

From the mean sewers below
we bring you Graphic!
This historical kitten
Will. Knock. You. Out.

And she’s no New 52!


From the land of the rising sun-
to the shore of Liberation
we bring you

This exotic beauty
Will. Take. Your. Soul.

Watch your back if she disrobes
the last thing you’ll see is
A. Mouth. Full. Of. Black.

This rope bound courtesan
will pleasure her self to
Your. Death.

Polly and Butch

All you baddies better listen good-
there’s a new Barbie in town
and she’s gonna
Fuck. You. Up.

And this pretty little pocket
doesn’t roll with no Ken!
Better watch your back
before Butch
Takes. Your. Head.

One plastic, one tank-
the perfect combination of
brutality, blood, and sex
these ladies will
Make. You. Dead.


Listen up!
Because this one’s a doozy-
we got a wicked beauty
who will
Fuck. You. Up.

Rejected by her mother
for killing her abusive father
this little witch has power and trauma!

When this bitch turns green
you better hope you’ve got some water
because she intends to drag you
Straight. To. Hell.

S.T.E.M & Corkscrew

Violators of technology beware!
The dynamic sisters of science are here!
And these ladies will-
Knock. You. Out.

Mind the lab coat and your eyes
because Stem programmed Corkscrew to-
Take. Them.

Before you know it
this cybernetic hottie will be
screw driving your heart
right out of your body!


Boys you better watch out!
There’s a new bitch in town
and she will-
Take. You. Down.

Sexy, wild, and deadly-
this little hyena will eat your heart!

Beware the sound of heel clicks and cackles for it could save your life!

This vixen doesn’t waste time
before you see her
you’ll already be dead.