When dying

Bitter drink is swallowed hard
drunken down while seeing clouds
stars that burn a blinding light
that stirs the darkness deep inside
the nightmares slept so soundly
as everything burned surrounding
forest wept so loudly
and everything goes black


Blue violets
under sun
burning brilliantly
come undone
petals charred
but never wither
broken leaves
stem is brittle
blue violets now
are black
burning under
flesh intact
cinders glowing
all of orange
the blue is gone
the ground is sore

When you ask them not to

Even if you tell them
they’ll never forget to say
You look so good,
so thin, so good-
you look so beautiful-
so damn good.
You’ve lost weight
but have you ate?
Before you answer
just let me say
you’ve never looked
so beautiful
you’ve never looked
so good at all.
You feel better-don’t you?
You feel good-now say it!
Say you feel better-
say you feel good-
don’t you feel healthier-
I knew that you would,
say that you feel good
say you feel better
say you feel great
no matter the case.
You’ve become thinner
so you must be safe
I asked you if you’d eaten
but you didn’t say
I look so good,
so fucking lovely,
didn’t I say
I’m anorexic, honey?