Fix the story

Fix the story by writing your own
don’t just accept what you’ve been sold
make something new
something you really want
don’t fix the story the one that you bought
don’t change the mistakes don’t save the fails
don’t mod the stupid or make it to sell
make something new
something you want
don’t just accept the crap that you’ve bought


Twisted higher than before
the rope it holds you ever more
keeps you knocking on my door
keeps me always feeling sore
twisted once again
higher than within
a different colored sin
pastels to that black again
keeps you always wanting it
twisted higher than before
breaking off what isn’t torn
everything in place
you know I crave the taste


She said she loved me
right before she walked away
like I was ten feet in the grave
but thought I’d be okay
she said I meant the world to her
thought she was an honest girl
but the world meant very little
very little or so it would seem
she said she loved me
then walked away without me
holding onto lust abounding
all those thoughts consume so loudly
she wanted him this time so proudly
walked away this time without me
said she loved me but I doubt it
just another one she counted

Break my heart

You sing just like a siren
calling out to him
you want to see me broken
because he chose me instead
you sing about his past
like you might be his future
like once he wounds to kill me
he’ll invite you out to dinner
you sing to him so sweetly
remind him I’m not you
but when he calls me a keeper
you know you know the truth
like everything he did
he did it yes to you
you are not the keeping kind
no you’re the one to leave
sorry that it wasn’t you
he gave the wedding ring
you sing about my heartbreak
like I didn’t win
I’m the one who got him
too forget the sin he lived
you sing just like a siren
but he’s not gonna drown
I’m the keeping kind dear
you’re just the one to lay it down

Bitter truth

And now I come to the sad truth
life goes on and we renew
we find new joy
we find new love
some days it feels like
you aren’t gone
and now I see it clear as day
the pain in life still remains
beautiful and ever bitter
the sourness is something sicker
I find happiness again and again
and then I cry and mourn the end

New sound

I think I’ll rewrite history
give myself a whole new shine
a story to believe in
a story that’s in rhyme
the rhythm all but changing
ever changing all the time
like verses that make no sense
after reading and over time
I think I’ll make it all new
rewrite everything before
give myself a whole new story
a new sound to look for

What’s happened

What’s happened?
I fell asleep
then I woke up
and everything has changed
I fell asleep
and now the world looks rather deranged
what’s happened?
everyone is talking
everyone has laughed
but nothing has been funny
and now I need to ask
wonder what’s been happening
since I took that nap
I fell asleep
and woke up to a world that’s rather lame
not so much in the slang sense
rather lame within the brain
I fell asleep then woke up
wished it was all a bad dream
everything has changed
but I’ll pretend it’s just all me

Begging me

Begging me to stop now
bringing me to tears
I drink the words I like best
I drown myself in mirrors
reflection of what might have been
a better story to tell
I can give you exciting dreams
but I don’t think I should
begging me to stop now
yelling at myself
want to stop the lying
stop dreaming of the sound
the words they get me drunk off
everything I’ve said
I can make them believe
anything I want
bringing me to tears
bringing me too much
begging me to stop now
I drown myself in mirrors
I drink way too many words
I can tell you stories
change the entire world

If I knew

If I knew then what I know now
I’d try to do it all the same
get to where I am today
live with all the sorrow and pain
too wake up knowing it’s still okay
if I knew then what I know now
I’d tell myself not to change a thing
though a temptation it might be
stay the girl you always hated
just so one day you can face it
turn around and look in the mirror
see your face and be glad to be her