What dreams are

Dreams are made of fire
burning bright and out of time
dreams are candy coated
pinks and purples on a plate
everything is burning
sugar clouds become the flames
the sky all lit in technicolor
amber threads of sweet delay
dreams are made of silver pillows
golden sheets in disarray
dreams are made of glass
and they shatter just as easy
when everything’s in plastic
it’s hard to go to sleep

Within and above

I’m living on a rainbow
watching sorrow drop
it drips off the clouds it paints
like blood drips out of cloth
living on a rainbow
drinking crystal coated dreams
everything is silky
the smooth will make you scream
I’m living on a rainbow
colors blur my eyes
sight is candy coated
clouds are rich in soft
melting in your hands
the palm that isn’t bought
living in a rainbow
watching sorrow drop
it paints the world alone and grey
candy leaving tooth decay
watching with blurred eyes I see
living in the colors rainbows dream
living in the sorrow
means living well beneath


Candy coated splatter on my heart
drinking before noon becomes an art
sitting in the backseat of some guy’s car
little edgy girls they fall apart
here they are again a different set
candy coated innocence well bred
drinking in the sun and driving far
little girls all divas in the stars
girlhood starts to die this time tonight
crying is romantic when your high


Drunk and alive
for the first time
feeling high
the chance to dine
on flesh
every vice and every right
sold for another good ride
harder still than cotton
moth balls on my clothes
everything is candy
and then the light goes black.


Oleander kisses
lollipop tongues
everything is brilliant
when it’s over done
indulge in what is tasty
sugar high times nine
dive into addictions
get lost inside the high