Blood in the sky
midnight empty
bones grow dry
this is thrifty
never spend enough
everyone starving
never grow or bud
just wither and dry
become part of the mud
blood in the sky
sun burning rather red
midnight empty
there is no other bed


Nothing comes

Fire burning inside
the feelings stop when you cry
everything is dying
this bitter word keeps calling
ashes become flesh and
and everything is falling
fire burned forever
screams don’t make it better
tears just wet the ashes
and everything starts crumbling
crumbling down dusting
dusting all below see
and nothing comes from crying

Within the pain

Burning in the cold rain
drinking in the sludge
I’ve taken all the pills now
and broken all my bones
burning in the cold night
rain falling from the floods
burning all my skin off
drowning me in mud
burning from the fire
the fire in cold rain
the droplets are all glowing
orange within the pain

Walk on fire

Burning brilliance
the bush on fire
the voice that booms
destroys my ire
broken dreams
unheard screams
the child dies
the mother feeds
burning darkness
blinding light
eyes go inward
close up tight
burn the skin
from bones of white
drink the marrow
and start to drive
drive through fire
burning roses
no one cries here
we’re all fine
burning bushes
the time it’s taken
off the witch
burning bushes
blinding light
the booming voice
brings sight to life

Burning roses

I’m burning roses now
and I ain’t coming down
got no dollar bills
but I’m floating proud
people be looking at me
like I’m so damn lost
but these dreams are happening
no matter the cost
I got my own pen in my hand now
and a voice that I’m using
gonna make my own way
and I’m never pursuing
the past that undid me
when I was living my life
everybody was saying
I was doing it right
had everything wrapped up
in a nice little bow
all my fucking chaos
yeah that shit explode
I can’t do nine to five now
my degree don’t mean nothing
I’m living the life now
that makes me feel something
I’m burning the garden
and feeling so good
you thought that you controlled me
I think you misunderstood
you never did see me
but you took all I had
left me with bad credit
and no fucking cash
had a nervous breakdown
but now I’m not even sad
I’m writing the next chapter
I’m changing the story
you took all I had even the glory
so now I’m crawling upwards
from this dirty floor
everybody might be talking mess
but I’m aiming to soar

Emotional casualties

Burning all the pictures
the moments are all dead
you think you should have listened
but you talked at her instead
like a little weeping willow
pulling pillows over head
you thought that you should listen
but you ate the bitter bread
burning all the moments
to the lips with glass and ice
smoking out the pictures
I can’t remember and didn’t like
burning all the walls down
breaking load bearing beams
I’ll watch it all on fire
crumbling to my knees
burning all the pictures
knowing you too well
you should of never listened
she laughed out loud before he fell

Turning in the circus

Turning in the circus
drinking in the glee
smoking up the colors
bleeding from the sea
everything is tasty
the earth feels quite a home
turning over flowers
growing all alone
burning in the lungs now
take another drink
the clowns have all been coming
the smoke is all around
turning in the tents
the new is so profound