Scorched earth

I scorch the earth my darling
leave the air aflame
I’ll salt the ground you walk on
just to improve my day
if you are the problem
there’s no reason for me to stay
I’ll burn the bridges manically
leave little to no sign
you’ll remember my face honey
I won’t forget the time
but everything is ashes now
or so soon it’ll be
I scorch the earth my darling
don’t ever get the bad side of me

The flame

Burn me baby
I’ve been here before
dragged right across your kitchen floor
like a dirty used mop I’ve cleaned up
got all that gunk deep under my skin
so burn me clean baby
make me blush
turn my skin red with rust
burn that metal to its core
until you don’t recognize
what you need me for
burn me baby
I’m so sick of being used
burn me honey
light the flame that makes it stop

Long night

I needed time
you took too much
can’t recover from this stuff
everybody’s got opinions
I just want to burn the kitchen
break the plates and the knives
I just want to scream and fight
you took too much
and now I’m angry
you think that I am fucking scary
everything I get is mine
you got the dollars I got the time
waiting for the next installment
I don’t care what names they’re calling
I know what that fire felt like
you took too much
so let’s call it a long night


Fire burning dark
blazing up the sky
bursting into moonlight
getting in your eyes
shattering the atmosphere
breaking down your will
fire burning brightly
doesn’t pay the bills
burdens you for hours
taking all your milk
cannot think for nothing
your sight is shattered still
everything is patterned
patterned by the dark
the fire burning brightly
it’s the night that it has wrought

Follow the leader

I follow the leader
don’t know why
she never shows
I follow the rules here
I see the sun before it howls
don’t know why
she never shows
I follow through
I follow slow
don’t know where she even goes
I see the moon crying to the floor
I burn my eyes still howling for more
I follow the leader
I get real high
don’t know why I ever compromised

Most creatures

Most creatures are afraid of me
won’t take the time to see
won’t heed my many warnings
or take what I don’t need
they gather with their torches
so awed and so afraid
so many creatures haunt me
the fear that they display
most creatures cannot stand me
oh they do not like the sight
instead they’d rather burn me
pretend to come at night


Black and blue melt down
sulfur clouds surround
the note is not profound
though it is a pleasant sound
trumpets all lie down
on floors so cold surround
blue and black they wait
sulfur clouds from floors they take
blacken out the night
the note it plays to dry to save
the sky that’s burning on