Call a spade a spade

Let’s all play pretend
and mimic what’s been said
like clever little dolls
pretending it’s not wrong
to go along with mobs
and talk in petty insults
we all have excuses
seasons we keep using
validating actions
but it’s all the same infraction
you still stab the back
blinded and showing that
you aren’t much better than
those you reprimand
you act in such a way
but we’ll just play pretend
and act like it’s not wrong
you’ve got all the reasons
for belittling your own cause.


anita sarkeesian

Flipping the script
a woman lacking integrity and wit
making the rest of us look like idiots
she’s a bully, manipulative feminist
using her gender to get out of it
this is a female who uses her tits
just a Katy Perry though much less famous…