Otherwise it hurts too much
bent the steel this time enough
built a cage for me and you
a new a bleaker kind of truth
otherwise I think in rhyme
can’t afford these thoughts of mine
drinking for another way
the pain it causes hurts to say
and when it’s over the cage is done
I live quite cozy without the sun
otherwise I’ll break apart
lost without these thoughts an art


All the embers

When everything is grey
and nothing really matters
falling from the steps
forgetting all the ladders
we come and break apart
burning to a cinder
broken from the start
forgetting all the embers


It all comes crumbling down
tick the clocks and run right now
burn the pictures trash the house
tear the curtains break the mirrors
we are dying breaking fear
it all comes down crumbling so
the world we’ve lost, lost all we know
broken pictures broken dreams
we got lost in all our screams
tick the clocks and tock the time
we all crumble before we die

What you bring

Tear apart the tattered pieces
broken now no longer needed
a dream or two you cannot spare
no need to think we can’t repair
just tear apart what’s been shattered
grind it down into fine powder
blow the dust away with time
it’s been quite broken this heart of mine
tear apart these shattered pieces
what’s been broken is no longer needed
so say goodbye to the dust now gone
tear apart what you brought along.

Series of words

A series of words
can be daunting
ideas they fly
in streams of visions
broken and cold
they’re near
a series of words
escapes me
littered with truth
and with dirt
they face me
a series of words
can be daunting
when you aren’t the one
that they’re wanting

No longer

The light that shines
through darkness
never really seen
the broken doors and windows
leave entrance for the thieves
I’ve been sitting sick and pretty
waiting for the end
dying from the inside
the sickness in my head
the light that shines so brightly
through darkness and through hell
brings comfort without vision
making masters out of shells
hunk of human flesh
enough from the start
broken is the brain
creating all the parts
the light that shines
through darkness
makes my body gold
a broken doll no longer
my faith has made me whole.

When things break

Broken, broken promises and glass
every thought you’ve never had
every want goes unfulfilled
you never lost the will
kept your head from drowning
broken now, but climbing
forever now subsiding
and turning down the edge
of broken glass and bread
broken, broken glass and shards
taken out the heart and
forgotten every scar.

Frame the jigsaw

Separate the piece within
from the rest that’s been given
the puzzle paints the vision red
and leaves the rest soaking wet
every piece a perfect picture
of the words you never say
everything you sound display
dark and black just like decay
the soul that birthed the picture
left a hole inside you can’t forget