Trouble and strife

Keep breathing
keep staying strong
keep moving on
turning from the face of sun
burn the dark before you’re done
keep breathing
keep sinking straight into the deep
keep drinking and sleeping
within all that ink
and at the end of the page
at the end of your life
you’ll have written more
than mere trouble and strife


It’s getting claustrophobic
it’s starting to suffocate
I can’t breathe tonight
cannot speak to say
write it down in blood now
but it bleeds right through
the time keeps passing on
but the day does not renew
time keeps moving forward
everything stays the same
we are not moving forward
just taking up a small place

Done with it

Thought I was done with it
like I could breathe again
but all at once it’s gone
can’t get caught up in the tears
got to keep running
don’t remember dear
it’s just another nightmare
just another burn
keep on moving forward
you know you’ll never learn
read the book again
but never know the plot
just keeping yourself busy
idle hands cut off
thought that I was done with it
thought that it was over
but here I am again
crying into my own shoulder
as if I had been freed
just another burden
another kind of grief