The poison

Drink away the poison
in your bones is pain
living like a serpent
breathing in your veins
drink away the darkness
blow away your dreams
exhale just enough
not to make a scream
drink away the poison
for in your flesh there’s pain
break away from sorrow
remember your own name

Just air

Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me
they may cut deep but not enough
to break my skin or fuck me up
sticks and stones they can break bones
but words sometimes are dirty
they may feel bad but it’s where you stand
on taking it with salt see?
Sticks and stones can be dangerous
but words are simply air
it’s when you choose to take the knife
that blood comes from what you hear
can’t take insults can’t be blamed
take criticism or just hate
words have power or so they say
but only when we give it to them
sticks and stones can cut to bone
but words should never hurt me
they’re just air it’s just silly to care
so grow some skin and move on please
don’t numb you down and stick around
just to cry and then bleed
words can hurt but only as much
as you give them worth see?

Walk on fire

Burning brilliance
the bush on fire
the voice that booms
destroys my ire
broken dreams
unheard screams
the child dies
the mother feeds
burning darkness
blinding light
eyes go inward
close up tight
burn the skin
from bones of white
drink the marrow
and start to drive
drive through fire
burning roses
no one cries here
we’re all fine
burning bushes
the time it’s taken
off the witch
burning bushes
blinding light
the booming voice
brings sight to life

Can’t get clean

Take me down to the river
wash my soul until it’s done
when the sun finally comes up
I’ll be cleansed and overcome
the world will drip it
like blood from fresh cut bone
the moments in between
will drive you to the stone
the graveyard all but empty
the childless will breath
the only moments left here
and the ones you can’t get clean


Little bleeding hearts
tiny useless hands
burning like a sun
creating who I am
a willow once on fire
burning as the sand
into glass my bones break
my eyes melt into my skull
little bleeding hearts shake
the ground you walk upon
tiny useless hands burn
my body comes to life
evening is weakness
in the evening of blight

Give me bones

Let me at it
let me back in
heal me doctor
make me feel again
I’ve been dying
for better or worse
I’m ready for help now
it’s all a curse
I’m asking for something
something to save me
I know it’s a long road
but I’m ready lately
can’t help but wonder
how much weight I’ve lost
if I am still here
and at what real cost
I’ve been a ghost dear
and I’m ready for flesh
give me some bones here
teach me to walk
let me back at it
I’m ready to stop

Forming of flesh

Bones, broken tired bones
we are lost and don’t know
have nothing no way to go
we got drunk this time for show
give it up and let it know
that it’ll be dead this time tomorrow
the truth of it ain’t hard to swallow
you’ll be gone and it’ll be sorrow
that grows instead of weeds and ash.

Universal graveyard

Blue blooded cosmos
stars lost in lungs
broken down marrow
just because
red hot revival
heart tissue tears
releasing the secrets
kept in the hair
tangled and bloodied
attached to the spine
blue blooded cosmos
the stars have all died.

A room for spiders

Fill the room with webs of me
words that act as delicate strings
everything from bones and teeth
my blood becomes the air and sheets
bed of eyes, my lips and hair
decorate the room with flare
show a side so rarely seen
the parts of me I tried to bleed
forget the empty broken parts
use my intestines but lose my heart
leave the windows bare of strings
keep the vision inside for the streets
fill the room with webs of me
a story writ in nails and feet
all my skin becomes the rug
an empty room forgotten, undone.