Come after

I don’t see into the dark
blinded by the night
turning from the shadows burn
into the breaking twilight
got myself in bleeding times
got myself alive
burning from the darkness
trying to find the light
I don’t see into the dark
I cannot read the shadows
turning from its ill regard
I begin to shatter
cannot look into the night
the light does not come after

City rain

Lost little kittens
cold and in the rain
they mew because they’re miserable
wet and filled with pain
walking on the city streets
concrete erodes paws
the pads turn to bones
as they keep walking on
the road growing colder
the light hurts their eyes
lost little kittens destine here to die

Blind eye

Turn a blind eye
to what is known
that wrong is wrong
it’s not for show
right is right
and wrong won’t do
you turn a blind eye
and pretend it’s through
all the bleeding
all the heart
everything we tear apart
to make excuses
make it feel okay
turn a blind eye
keep the faith

The world is on fire

The world is on fire
we do not really learn
we set it aflame
just to watch it burn
we dance on the ashes
bathe in the soot
when our lungs are scared
it’s too late to look
we are all blind
all blind willingly
the world is on fire
not sure what we see
the flames are if truth
the world won’t get better
as we dance in the ashes
all bathing together

Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland behind
never thought the world was blind
all we want to see is dead
looking to the past where we once fled
won’t look into the mirror now
the present demon though is found
dig up what once was lost
the dead will honor all of us
give us some place to escape
remove the present from our brain
listen to the lies instead
the truth is horrid when it lives
leaving Neverland behind
we burn it down this time to find
the demon lives still it breathes
the graves we dug won’t mean a thing
piss on bones to understand
the lies once told we believe again
leaving Neverland behind
means an angel really died
that we have turned our backs to grace
the truth we know we will never face

fire fight

Cherry bombs
fire skies
the light is blocking
out the night
turn the wrist
cut for blood
now you’re at it-
having fun
the world is dying
before one’s eyes
the light of burden
turn the picture
the bombs fall
now you’ll learn
how to see the sun.

The wheels keep turning

Take away the darkness
blind me with light
break all the shadows
whiteout my eyes
cleanse all the evils
make this world clean
forget that the demons
come from cowards and thieves
from those that both swallow
and shit what they eat
an awful undoing
of repetitious deeds
a constant redoing of
what we don’t need-
the sepsis will come
from under our skin
but if I am blinded-
if I can’t see
will I taste the shit
they’ve placed before me?