Ponies dry

Bleed the ponies dry
kill the tears they cry
rip the final thought
speak with teeth untaught
drown the sorrows under
keep the lips uncovered
every word you speak
no one licks the cream
cats no longer need
bleed the veins deceived
find yourself in weeds
and follow all the leads
back into the self
the ponies bleed the wealth
and everything you take
break before you wake

Under sky

Follow me into the night
die under faded moonlight
drink the blue from veins unpierced
sustain the death and bring the dark
the black of nothing
existence as art
that hole in the sky my grave site
a cozy little bed for two
follow me into this night
never red this blood of mine
blue as skin grown child in time
die under the faded sky


Let me be selfish
forever and a day
let me believe it
when I say
that I don’t give a damn
I don’t care how you stay
give me what’s mine
and I’ll go away
don’t tell me you don’t owe me
you played me like a fiddle
don’t act like you don’t know me
you got me in the middle
I’ve been trapped here longer
than ever before
trapped underneath your dirty floor
let me be selfish
I pray for the day
that I’ll come over and burn you again
that I won’t bow
or take what’s been given
let me be selfish
ask for what I need
I got wants so you better bleed
never you played me
like a goddamn instrument

Sandman screams

We sleep and dream
of where we might not be
a time to sleep
where we no longer bleed
fear it comes
and knocks upon the door
we drown
we fly
we do not ask for more
than laying on the floorboards
laughing on a shelf
bringing up the children
reminding them of health
teaching them to go clear
and how to sleep too dream
to be wide awake at midnight
to hear the sandman scream

Blind eye

Turn a blind eye
to what is known
that wrong is wrong
it’s not for show
right is right
and wrong won’t do
you turn a blind eye
and pretend it’s through
all the bleeding
all the heart
everything we tear apart
to make excuses
make it feel okay
turn a blind eye
keep the faith

Hard floors

Things will get uncomfortable
uncomfortable when you bleed
tell the world the whole truth
don’t leave anything to see
throw out all the garbage
throw out everything you need
things will get uncomfortable
when you go to sleep
dreams turn into nightmares
so quickly these days
dreams turn into rivers
the flow of collective dismay
things will get uncomfortable
uncomfortable when you eat
the food won’t be so filling
the drink won’t quench one’s thirst
but the source will keep on billing
billing until you burst
throw out every answer
make sure it’s read at least twice
throw out all that banter
the embarrassment of life
things will get uncomfortable
uncomfortable more and more
for life is all discomfort
especially while laying on hard floor

Blue birds

Blue birds singing
right before the bullet bleeds
tiny animals fleeing
they just know they want to breathe
blue birds singing
though you’ll never hear that song again
time is leering
wondering who will let go
blue birds singing
but we know the sound is silence
the bullets ringing
fire down before we scream
blue birds singing
the annoying sound now just a breeze
mist of blood
and feathers make up all you see