When the group turns upon itself

When your group
turns on you
whatever will you do?
I’d suggest politely
you should ask a bi or two
see we know how it feels
to be told you are not real
to be told your existence
is harmful
to inclusion and progress
to be told your sexuality
is a fad at very best
we know what it feels like
to be victims of violence
when the perpetrator is
at a safe place you invest in
we know what it feels like
to be completely erased
to have the mother of pride
be overthrown and displaced
we can tell you simply
it’s just a way of life
you do all kinds of good work
but still have to fight to survive
just stiffen that upper lip
and turn to those you love
trust not just the label
but whoever holds you up
bisexuals know the power
in forming your own home
whether in the LGB community
or out there all alone.
So when the group betrays you
ask a bi how to rebuild
just one who hasn’t fallen
to loud minority rule.

Becoming our own enemy

Calling out bisexuals
calling all the liars
stop using other labels
be truthful in face of ire
be brave for all of us
or at least stop all the lies
don’t call yourself a lesbian
when you’re really bi
remember we exist
and wear that label with pride
don’t let them break you down
or make you forget your name
you are bi by nature
do not be ashamed
do not be like Elton John
be like Freddy Mercury
live your life in what you want
and let history come clean
if you can’t be loud and out
at least don’t tell that lie
if you like both genders
love the label bi.