Born of

I see it all around me
the bricks have all gone grey
the reasons for the changing
have all but melt away
the monsters are still lurking
never to dissipate
the evil that they wrought here
will never ever fade
the bricks have all gone grey
and buildings have grown silent
I see it all around me
as I wonder what to do
I look like a monster
because I was born of you.

who created who?

Harboring the patriarchy
within your womb
the son you have
will become
the harbinger of doom
everything you believe
he will contradict
even if you raise him right
he’ll still have his prick
the phallus that oppresses
and turns you into tits
the baby controls everything
the son within your womb
a feminist might raise him
but the patriarchy rules
so when you have a child
especially a son
how do you deal with motherhood
when it makes you problem number one
the source of all the problems
and violence in the world
feminists may birth them
but then it’s just their sons ruling the world.

Universal graveyard

Blue blooded cosmos
stars lost in lungs
broken down marrow
just because
red hot revival
heart tissue tears
releasing the secrets
kept in the hair
tangled and bloodied
attached to the spine
blue blooded cosmos
the stars have all died.