Star bed

I fell across your sky so willingly
like fire in the midnight you call to me
I’ll drown within your ocean
the waves beneath my skin
I’ll die before you love me
but I’ll still always give in
I fell across your sky so ignorantly
burning in the twilight you used me
too guide you into dreams true beauty
I fell across your sky filled the stars up
I wanted you forever wanted so much
like fire in the midnight you call to me
the ocean in your eyes wash over me
I fell across your sky so willingly
I was alive in that star bed

The rapture

Listen to the rapture
of very delicate things
the kind that are expensive
living mostly in your dreams
the items that you covet
the ones you really need
listen to the angels
selling virtue to the thieves
delicate and beautiful
they take you to your knees
the items that you dream about
bring serenity
listen to the rapture
it tells you of your end
how beautiful the death will be
when you’ve spent your last cent

Smelly and proud

Some people are dumb
some girls are ugly
some boys smell bad
and look rather grubby
some people are fat
and it’s not very attractive
some people are too thin
and they look like an addict
some people are stupid
some women are homely
some men are gross
everybody knows it
but we act like we don’t
and lie to ourselves
pretending it’s okay
while they look in the mirror
just hoping they’d go away
some people are ugly
some people are fat
sometimes it’s not
what you wanna look at it
but being yourself
means owning your flaws
be proud to be you
whether ugly or not
what’s the point of lying
if that’s the face you got
the truth of the matter is
you alive and that’s the plot
be beautiful by being you
don’t be so hard on yourself
if everyone is beautiful
diversity is missing out
own up to who you are
or be a slave to constant doubt

Our stars today

We watch them die
then watch them eat themselves alive
we watch them soar
rip them apart forevermore
then see them twitch
watch them eat their fingertips
we see them mimic
create themselves within our image
we watch them die
puppets thought gods
we’ve seen them cry
watched them fall from in the sky
they hit the ground
they swallowed hard and then they found
we watch them die
lift them up to say goodbye
we want to see
abused by beautiful tragedy
so then they make
a play about their slow decay
and we will watch
and they will rot beneath the stage


Everything is colorful
everything is dust
rainbows made of marigolds
clouds all made of rust
the sky is painted bitter
but that just makes it green
a little bit of candy
ribbons made of bees
everything is wonderful
everything is bright
balloons made of clown noses
and streamers made of teeth
everything is colorful
especially when it bleeds.


Lena is no hypocrite!
just a liar, molester, and ignorant twit!
Lost the weight now lying about it-
prior to this she just forced empowerment.
Lena just lied to herself-
thought she was happy
with her private hell-
bet Jack’s mother didn’t yell
a good Jewish mother
just asked him, pray tell;
when will you find a pretty girl to marry.

Always beautiful Lena

Here we go again-
hypocrisy in skin!
Lost the weight through starving
now claiming you’re not flaunting,
hamming it for cameras,
pretending you aren’t trying-
maintaining that you’re charming?
You certainly aren’t a hottie
a mentor, or survivor,
honey you’re just a liar
a rich girl with no fire,
just a vapid, tacky, yuppie
with too much money.
Lena Dunham is so lucky!
Never knowing realities short comings,
playing at delusional
to get out of something-
honey I’ve lived with delusions
you know a lot of nothing.
Scream fat, get thin, pretend you aren’t playing it-
keep saving the poor and women
even the ones
who don’t give