Knowing the age of consent

Blame the dead
become the abuser
use Weinstein excuses
and beat the accuser
claim to be the victim
when you raped a child
claim you didn’t get raped
and your experience is vital
Asia Argento raped a child
Asia Argento admitted
to raping a child
Asia Argento is a rapist
don’t muddle words
just raise your fist
he was a child
she was thirty-seven
don’t need to discuss this
this rapist admitted
she is a rapist
a rapist of children
it’s not overreacting
or hyperbole
it’s just the truth
it’s now reality.

You always wanna win!

It’s in her eyes,
she’s deadly
and she wants you,
lips and a viper tongue
knows no truth,
sits with a smile on
even while she’s grieving,
making all the money
on suicide and cheating.
She always knows
the thing to say
life is so damn fleeting,
but she digs a shallow grave
for all her love is bleeding.