Make it up
write a story
sing the words
for no glory
don’t impose
the thoughts or rhymes
don’t sing songs
that change with times
talk of flowers
powers you don’t have
drink of sins
you don’t intend to choose
drink like a fountain
long after disuse
make it up
write it down
tell the story
sing it loud
don’t forget
you aren’t centered
you don’t need
to hold that shit together


I miss my pen and paper
miss the way
it feels to bleed
onto page
through ink and lead
letters reflect
just how one feels
the proof on script
old poets


Everything’s a fanfic
everything’s a remake
not even an archetype
just rehashing the same thing
make a gender swap
turn that character to black
don’t create anything new
representation through recast
everything is grey
everything is boring
we create our same ever
aging stories
deluding all the plots
removing all the glory
creating whole new concepts
from the original origin story.
Everything’s a fanfic
everything’s a remake
even with new chapters
the youth are plagued with simplicity
an artistic example
of animal mimicry
a perfect example of stubborn complicity.