I am champagne

Pink ribbons, pretty bows,
handcuffs like no one knows
I talk about the things we’d do
if you knew that I wanted too-
pretend we don’t
like the world don’t know-
I didn’t gloat
riding that free slit float-
I got the pink ribbons,
I got the pretty silk bows,
I may be a grown woman
but that shit I’ll never show
act fast and die hard
live it up and regret large
pink ribbons and daffodils
I got the flowers to pay the bills
I got that girlhood
grown woman make you feel good
I am that free champagne
doe eyed-you’d go insane.
I act like pretty in pink
too far off from being sixteen,
I talk and walk so hard
got that free flag up as art,
pink ribbons and pretty bows
I rock that cheap shit
like the world don’t know
handcuffs in fur my body bent back
I keep pretending
like my innocence isn’t on tap
while the whole world’s drinking
pretty ribbons keep me flat
girlhood is flaunted artificial at that
pretty pink ribbons, soft and wet
I make decisions I’m bound to regret

Seven simple arbitrary numbers

I love you
don’t you understand
you are
like my biggest fan
I adore you
even though we’ve never met
I know you
and all about your circumstance
do you want me
tell me everything
that you got off me
like a little birdie I sing softly
so don’t you ever speak just listen
when I’m talking
you want me
I love you oh so much
and now we’re walking
you’re like my biggest fan
don’t you understand
cause you still want me
as I shove you off a cliff
you’re falling
falling faster than I can catch
just keep calling and calling
I love you
even though we’ve never met
you’re like my biggest fan
I won’t forget
but then again we’ve never met
I love you
but more so I just love the checks

Grieving wrong

Trying too hard
is trying too hard
grieving so wrong
yes you can grieve wrong
walking on the grave
sitting on the dead
fuck the damn headstone
get it while it’s fresh
walk on memory
rewrite history
make yourself the victim
because you’re amazing
cover up the badge
and keep on dancing
just like the engagement
this is just recasting
trying too hard
is really quite telling
trying too hard
to keep that ass selling
on to the next
while you’re eating on his grave
just fucked the headstone
make that million dollar O face


Let’s move on
thank you
let’s get gone
keeps moving
momentum never stops
it’s churning
burning castles down
It’s fog
obscuring vision
you don’t want to see
let’s move on
before we bleed
thank you
thank you, next
on me
cry for help
what else it be
you got problems
they got trees
moving forward
gets pleading
do not learn
the lesson shallow
mist that obscures
the visions Hallowed
comes to an end
see through
Heavens sent
let’s get gone
just keep on moving
thank you
but I’m still perusing
get the taste of everything
I say I’ve learned
but it has no meaning
thank you, next
a cry of fleeting
let’s keep moving
let’s get gone
before we see meaning
in what we’ve done wrong

Petite mort

Ariana Grande plays too your lowest sensibilities.
Takin’ off your clothes
doesn’t equal dignity
acting like a slut has always
been unclean
not because sexuality is dirty
but rather keeping yourself
open for the world
devalues any person
what’s the use of the meat if it’s been through teeth?
Are you going to clean yourself
with the filthy streets?
Are you going to save the world with I love you tweets?
the music video displays
what the studies say
most women don’t experience real orgasms anyway.


Chained to the Benjamins


I am not your friend
just another fan to send
straight to a follow, straight to a like-
heart that picture-you want my next album-

Keep talking, talking, talking
repetition is the key
keep singing all those lyrics
that supposedly speak to me.
Keep talking, talking, talking
your morals come undone
sexy, flirty, fun
an open invite to be the one

One in a million you don’t know our names-
taking to politics to up your trashy game
a shameless plea-
love me, love me, love me
while you can’t even love yourself.
Preaching to a crowd-eating baby food out loud- pro ana all around.
Molest your sister write it down
get another book deal now.

Keep talking, talking, talking
repetition is the key
keep penning all your verses
a prose of lies-truth on its knees.
Keep talking, talking, talking
your morals come undone
sexy, flirty, fun
an open invite to succumb

Your siren song, siren song.
You got it wrong, you got it wrong.
Play along, play along,
million reasons to come undone
shake it off, shake it off, your just an artist off the cuff.
A fame monster, a fame whore, your lady gaga in a pink hat playing poor. I grew up without the upper east side, never knowing the difference between a diamond and a dive.

Keep singing, keep singing,
killing me softly
music is dead
and the truth is haunting.
Keep singing, keep singing,
the rich run this bitch
I’ll keep counting pennies while you keep marching for the pics.

Sexy, flirty, fun-empowerment for twits.