My scars

Burn baby burn
in the mess that you created
tell me something beautiful
tell me something faded
burn baby burn
the smoke is always rising
burn it all to ashes
drink it up like air
burn baby burn
in the answers that you swear
the lies that burn your skin
the flesh is all but charred
burn baby burn
you’ve gotta pay for all my scars


The bluest black you ever did see
that cat it barks like bad poetry
it sings with strings it makes no sound
walking with hands paws to the ground
we ask why expecting no answer
we don’t want to listen
this time or after
we make decisions like others write sin
take in the smoke so we might just live
the bluest black sky the sun’s ever seen
under the water our skin dried unclean
the pleasure we fell from a knife in the neck
we wonder why things aren’t different
but we ask the fish flying at night
if we could change make this thing right
giving opinions like water to air
the lungs may breathe it in
but the ears choke on fluff
words keep on speaking
but it’s just not enough

Listening well

Simple are the things
that we like to forget
simple little answers
solutions we don’t get
everything is borrowed
arranged for you today
the things that we don’t use
they never go away
fester does the rat
birthed within this hell
simple are the answers
when you listen to them well

Answers of the echos

Rosary beads falling from my hands
and everything seems pale again
you ask questions-don’t want the answers
you want change but it’s not worth the effort
everything is falling down
breaking it of faith
you fall down the rabbit hole
you’re losing it today
become quite tall, then small again-
you’ll be who you were never that is
you aren’t you, you’ve become
the one falling down
the one unloved
foolish are the things that we do
break apart the number
it’s how we move
forget about the beads
don’t remember to pray
you don’t really want the answers anyway