Long night

I needed time
you took too much
can’t recover from this stuff
everybody’s got opinions
I just want to burn the kitchen
break the plates and the knives
I just want to scream and fight
you took too much
and now I’m angry
you think that I am fucking scary
everything I get is mine
you got the dollars I got the time
waiting for the next installment
I don’t care what names they’re calling
I know what that fire felt like
you took too much
so let’s call it a long night

Don’t ask

Don’t ask a question
just make a noise
you say something
I ignore
you get angry smash the floor
the vase comes down forever more
don’t ask a question
speak in silence
don’t make a sound just raise violence
burn the ears
and cut the tongue
I don’t think this love is fun

A drag

Take that smoke in
dirty lungs
I don’t really give a fuck
undertow but over foot
I don’t really like your look
they face you got
makes me angry
take in smoke
just to hang me
dirty lungs and fucked up knees
I don’t remember how to cream
screaming like a cat gone mad
take that smoke in
life’s a drag

Most creatures

Most creatures are afraid of me
won’t take the time to see
won’t heed my many warnings
or take what I don’t need
they gather with their torches
so awed and so afraid
so many creatures haunt me
the fear that they display
most creatures cannot stand me
oh they do not like the sight
instead they’d rather burn me
pretend to come at night

Scorch the earth

I’m gonna scorch the earth baby
not taking names lately
just killing all the others
nameless faceless mothers
I don’t give a damn my dear
got my salt in hand my dear
think I’ve made it crystal clear
I’m gonna scorch the earth right here
underneath my feet
I know I’m gnashing teeth
I’ll burn just like the rest
but when it’s over this pain in my chest
will be gone

Lot of anger

I’ve got a lot of anger
just want to fight and scream
be as bad as I can be
don’t know what I mean
want to be so pure and sweet
but I’ve got these problems
got a lot of answers
but no one asking for them
know exactly why
I say it all the time
but no one wants to listen
no one wants to hear
so I’m just sitting screaming
get me the fuck right out of here
I’ve got a lot of anger
got issues you don’t know
even though I’m keeping secrets
I tell you everything I own
know I’m being bad
I even know why
but everything I tell you
you act as if I lie

I don’t wanna hate you

I don’t wanna hate you
but I think I do
I think I hate you more
than I’m allowed too
I could boil water
or cook a fucking egg
I’m so goddamn heated
I’m melting time and space
can’t put it in perspective
can’t put it in its place
I don’t wanna hate you
but in the end I do
I hate you more than ever
ever thought I’d have too
I don’t wanna bleed this way
I don’t want to feel
feel as though I’m drunk off rage
too high to even heal
but after all the shit you did
I’m higher than a cloud
burning like the sun
I don’t think there’s a way out
didn’t want to hate you
but I guess it’s clear I do
can’t put it in perspective
but I understand the mood

When sour grapes grow old

Colors bleed from pores grown old
decrepit liquid skin won’t hold
drops and streams of browns and blacks
hidden evils toxic wax
boiling some colors bled out of pockets
from your head
hairline oiled from the greys
you have oozed out all your hate
bitter soul your colors portray
you are liquid rainbow decay.

Bad bitch

Every girl wants to be a bad bitch
but none of you know what that is
walking, walking, walking small
you don’t know how to be tall
trip over words and don’t know strong
got the meaning of bad bitch
dead, dead wrong.

Every girl wants to be a bad bitch
even under guise of being feminist
every girl wants to be a boss
but if you ignorant you’ve already lost.

Can’t tell me where to go cause
you followin’
watching like you know what’s
in front of me
speaking to me like you contend with me
I’m the bad bitch that you pretend to be.

Every woman wants to be a bad bitch
no matter how you label it
you ain’t it;
no lioness, no Wonder Woman, no alpha.
All you ladies just betas
at your best yet
you pretend to be empowered
but you’re just ignorant.
Keep talking big while living small.

My San Bernardino

I’m from a land
of blood and violence
a desert
that thirst for a reprieve
from this silence
a barren wasteland
where nobody hides it-
America has failed
to acknowledge our plight and
our children are met
with eyes rolled and slight yet
every American says with a sigh
just another day in San Bernardino, right?
I come from a land forgotten
for convenience
we don’t fit your narrative
so you don’t even see us.
I gave my life
to serve the vulnerable
only to discover
I’m worth as much as my home.