Between Stefani and Selena

There’s an excuse for everything
a shutdown switch baby
you pull that lever sweet
drop the anvil and we scream
there’s an excuse for everything
working with a man
everyone says was bad
the project purifying
you thought your career was dying
so we blame it on our health
it’s mental just as well
can’t question what I sell
never it’s my trauma that is felt
there’s an excuse for everything
like selling wedding rings
do what you want with my body baby
and sing with a child rapist
I let him in just a little bit
there’s an excuse in this that’s it
blame it on my mental health
the universe is curious this time as well

We are women

Women hate other women
women hate competition
especially when they’re weak.
Women love to destroy
play hard with all their toys
break them and then they cry-
women are something special
commit crimes get labeled angels
kill their children get off easy
cheat and lie never called sleazy.
Women do atrocious things
beat their children, kill their kids
far more often than the men
we hate ourselves
but we let live
all the women
who’ve ever destroyed
broken down other women
used children as ploys
women are not simply special
we make fools out of the devils.


we make so many today
we take so many mistakes
we break all kinds of stages
and play that it don’t phase us
just drip on down that grape vine
don’t comprehend just decide
and make the feelings feel right.
we take so many things in
we grow a thicker dead skin
we find ourselves so willing
to do the things we don’t need
drink the wolves-sheep’s clothing
the cotton sticks-your choking!
and everybody knows it
your throat it almost closes
they’ll check you in the morning.