Some burdens

I am a burden
just thought you should know
in case you’d forgotten
while I moved along
trying not to bother
while offering my help
I’m sorry that I’m down
on material wealth
I am a burden
that much is true
gave all of my gold
so you could have food
lost my means and childhood
I am a burden
a burden it’s true
have you my wings, my home
all new
now I am here
lost and alone
I’m sorry for the inconvenience
but could I use your phone?
Lost all my money
when I gave it to you
promises made
but I’m still the tool.


American Benefits

I don’t have a drug problem
I don’t have a baby
what I have are bills to pay
with no assistance to save me.
I pay into benefits
they don’t offer me anyway.
I am not a junkie or a single mom
if I were today most my problems would be gone
if I came illegally or was a refugee
the government would provide me
money to get onto my feet
but I have lived a good life
I’ve been responsible
I gave my life to social work
but could be without a home
I have worked my whole to make it comfortable
I have given up my mind
and now I’m on my own.
Never thought my country
would turn out not to be my home
a place where all my labor
turns out to be on loan
for someone very different
to make it all their own.
No, I have lived a good life
but now I’m on my knees
there is nothing left in a country
filled with thieves
we protect all others
leaving good citizens to bleed.