I think I may have touched this
with my brilliant mind
I think I gave you something
yes something that is mine
I think you owe me money
credit and my due
everything I’ve touched
I’ve given myself too
I think I may have touched this
I remember well
that I did something here
and I want to be able to tell
tell my friends and family
that I did something
I think I am owed credit
so give it to me please
I think I may have touched this
think I may have done
something worth noting
something I have known

Clapping wrong

I’d like to clap
like to cheer you on today
though it seems
I shouldn’t really say a thing
shouldn’t speak
but we both know that I will
tell you how thrilled
I really honestly feel
that you’ve succeeded
that you’ve so beyond me
I’d like to clap
cheer you from center stage
it might be cruel
but you’re the one who disengaged
I’d like to say
so many things to let you know
I’m so damn proud
you went through with it
and it sounds
sounds like bells upon the river
you got worse and have grown bitter
you have let it all go wrong
and I’m so proud that you have sung
the final verse and made the change
you succeeded me today
you are worse off than before
you were right
and I was not
you succeeded in giving up

No new ground

Forget about the new girl
I’m bored of all that glitter and edge.
Tired of all the bad girls
so very tired of being told we’re free again.
I’ve never been a weak one
grew up knowing it’s been done before
no new ground to break
oh not no more
there’s been women in the places I want to go
I’m not the first or the best
oh this I know
forget about the new girl
like we’ve done to all who’ve past
let’s remember for a moment
some true first and dance
celebrate the old guard
and thank them for what’s been found
forget about the edgy girls
they’re really not profound
let’s take a second look
back into our history
and found that we’ve been there before
for much longer than you’d believe
I’ve never been a weak one
because I haven’t forgot
this isn’t new ground I’m treading
I’ve got road maps and how to starts
forget about the new girl
I’m tired of glitter and edge
let’s go back into history
and see how it was done best


congratulations you were there,
congratulations you tried.
You may not be wonderful
you may not be adept
you just showed up because-
you tried,
came in last this time
got your trophy and pride
didn’t win the race
but you got second to last place
a trophy on your mantel,
a kiss upon your cheek,
participate and find
all the validation that you seek.
You can’t be a winner
to win is just too gloat
participation is the only way
build it up so they don’t try
we made the world better
by letting aptitude slide.