The man

Surrounded by my golden visage
I contemplate what I’ve been missing
how much further I could have gone
if this will make another hit song
would it be louder if I was a man
would I be prouder to be who I am
would I feel better
have myself together
have more money in my bank account
fill the museum with visitors now
sitting amongst all I own
I think being a man would make me whole
that maybe I’d feel better and bold
get more than I have ever known
what more could I have
I don’t know
but if I was a man I would
know just what more I could
and as I sit with all my wealth
I contemplate the loss I’ve felt


I think I may have touched this
with my brilliant mind
I think I gave you something
yes something that is mine
I think you owe me money
credit and my due
everything I’ve touched
I’ve given myself too
I think I may have touched this
I remember well
that I did something here
and I want to be able to tell
tell my friends and family
that I did something
I think I am owed credit
so give it to me please
I think I may have touched this
think I may have done
something worth noting
something I have known

Wake up

I just had my coffee
but now I’ve lost the taste
lost the feeling of accomplishment
from moving out of place
I just had my coffee
ate a piece of bread
took out another notebook
working always fed
I just had my coffee
but I need a cigarette
lost the feeling of accomplishment
and have no real regrets
starving for a purpose
a sense of satisfaction
a feeling of accomplishment
and coffee in my head

On the clock

Something that someone did
let’s forget it’s so tragic
play the victim once again
little girls with no knowledge
make excuses and deflect
you know what you really wanted
say the truth and say it loud
you’re just looking for another way out
got the words in your mouth
one way or another you let them out
sing the praises and sing the speak
you don’t own the path you seek
something someone once did do
you can always run the rules
play the games like little girls do
scream the name of victimhood
something someone did one time
we know the name but speak in rhyme
know the game but not the score
little girls in congress wanting more
little girls on twitter so damn bored
can’t do their real job that’s for sure
so they did that one thing something for
little girls playing big girl games
someone once did something just for fame
little girls be speaking double talk
never been to their district the phones cut off
something is like something unprofessional
little girls play games like tentacles
little girls play games don’t tell the scores
they keep crying victim that’s for sure
attacked for what they’re screaming something for
everybody’s leaving as they scream stop
they just playing victim while they on the clock.