Babe you’re not punched

Babe I uh I uh
just need some time to think
to come up with what just happened
when I threw the kitchen sink
babe you don’t know what
uh you don’t know what you’re saying
babe you have not been punched
I didn’t fucking hit you
at least not hard enough
you are so much bigger
men are naturally so tough
I just need a little time here
a little time to lie
too manipulate your thinking
make you believe the victim was I
I didn’t fucking punch you
but even if I did
no one will believe you
babe a woman never fibs

Knowing the age of consent

Blame the dead
become the abuser
use Weinstein excuses
and beat the accuser
claim to be the victim
when you raped a child
claim you didn’t get raped
and your experience is vital
Asia Argento raped a child
Asia Argento admitted
to raping a child
Asia Argento is a rapist
don’t muddle words
just raise your fist
he was a child
she was thirty-seven
don’t need to discuss this
this rapist admitted
she is a rapist
a rapist of children
it’s not overreacting
or hyperbole
it’s just the truth
it’s now reality.

Blood graces

I’m a fool for help
I’m a tool it’s true
I’ve been so misused
guess I just like
the abuse
thought trusting
was good
just misunderstood
that you can’t trust
not even of blood
that at the end of the day
you’re on your own
when they stay
when they need something
more to display
but when you’ve done
all that you can
they’ll abandon you, glad
just like the damned
you’ll lose grace.

Dante’s warning

Purge the demons from the well
who’ve drank the poison and foretell
the falling of what might have been
the keepers of the fallens’ sin
every angel here has wept
for the Godhead must repent
all the evils here are true
we’ve hidden beast and stole our youth
every sin must be accountant
for the acts of Dante shouted
long ago of who you are
every demon that you’ve touted
every soul you have damned
this is all an act of man
perversion of what you have read
the words of God on your tongue dead
every sinner must face judgement
here the fallen priest have fed
and now the world will shed the light
do not hide do what is right
we have seen this all before
a holy man who causes war
every child they have wounded
taken from angels with mistrust and abuses
purge the demons from our folds
take the righteous and behold
the wicked loom wherever we go
a holy man is merely stone
blood and flesh they take form
the greed of men yes evil is born
purge the Vatican, purge the fold
as God commanded let man’s law reign
for their souls are His to take
charge the men for what they’ve done
no more silence the game is done
evil lives within the gates
the Holy place of Catholic grace
we have known for all this time
the Pope and Vatican want God to die.

When the group turns upon itself

When your group
turns on you
whatever will you do?
I’d suggest politely
you should ask a bi or two
see we know how it feels
to be told you are not real
to be told your existence
is harmful
to inclusion and progress
to be told your sexuality
is a fad at very best
we know what it feels like
to be victims of violence
when the perpetrator is
at a safe place you invest in
we know what it feels like
to be completely erased
to have the mother of pride
be overthrown and displaced
we can tell you simply
it’s just a way of life
you do all kinds of good work
but still have to fight to survive
just stiffen that upper lip
and turn to those you love
trust not just the label
but whoever holds you up
bisexuals know the power
in forming your own home
whether in the LGB community
or out there all alone.
So when the group betrays you
ask a bi how to rebuild
just one who hasn’t fallen
to loud minority rule.

Fragile Femininity

Fragile femininity
cost a lot you see
females get abusive
when you call them out
they’ve got issues with
being vulnerable in doubt
they believe they’re
they pretend to fight
fragile femininity
keeps them up at night
yes, they stay awake
anger on the brain-
what type of oppression
have I felt today
making up the list
checking them more than twice
fragile femininity
comes at a violent price.

Hollywood heroes

You are not responsible
you are not to blame
when a beast breaks your bones
you should not be shamed
but when you make the choice
to live it out through silence
you have made the choice
to give silent compliance
you are not to blame
for the abuse endured
but we all have choices
and we all live with pain
sometimes we choose silence
but then heal to speak again
and that is all just fine
but in the end still know
that when you choose silence
the abuser will own the show
do not misunderstand
this goes for those with power
a child’s choice of silence
a woman on her own
a man who will be silenced
even in his home
these victims are not powerful
they do not bathe in gold
but when you have the means
know you reap what you have sown.

We want it all

Tragedy is not enough
now they want your flesh
and stuff-
you’ve ever worked for
it’s the price of your cure
you’ll bleed and we’ll secure
you’ve ever yearned.
Tragedy is not enough.


Bleed for me
bleed for me
tell me that you’ll lead me
keep me
love me
color me with cotton candy.
Drink me and teach me
that everything is grey.
I’ll sleep on the floor
just to save the day.
All I really want
is someone just to stay
keep your hand upon me
never will I stray.

(25 August 2017)

Morning light

And I awoke much colder
no warmth beside my bed
madness filled my cup
and fear overtook my head.
I awoke much older
than I came before
a child now a martyr
only living ever more.
Sleep for chance to dream
to live and share the glory
chance to pass the story on
no chance to heed the words.
And I awoke on a sunny night
lost my sanity
fear had taken my young voice
abandon the rest of me.
I now sleep with one eye open
cruelty my shield
at once they thought a saviour wanted
now they run from me
a monster comes from what they wanted
an older kind of fiend.
I awoke with eyes undaunted
they won’t forget to bleed.