Piers Morgan tweets sense

Compilation of March 8-10,13-16 tweets Piers Morgan’s @piersmorgan

Oh for goodness sake.
If you can’t stand the heat
of rigorous debate
over a contentious issue,
don’t take part.
You can all
spew rage at the fact
that I’ve dared
critise ‘Saint’ Obama
you just can’t
the facts.
So employers can now
order women not to wear headscarves
can’t ask them to wear heels?
I have to wear
make up,
suit & tie.
Female boss of UK
female boss of Scotland
female boss of Germany
visits the White House.
If more women had bothered
to vote for Hilary,
she would have won the presidency.
I don’t mind governments doing speedy U-turns
on bad policy ideas.
Better than enforcing them.
I’m offended you don’t know
it’s ‘you’re’.
I never block people for having
opposing views.
I block them for being
I love the USA.
I really missed
fish & chips (with mushy peas),
proper football
people laughing at my jokes.


Liberal arts

Spreading lies and misinforming
academics think they’re holy
got degrees so now they know
the rules of the universe where
science and psychology
won’t go.
Evolution takes a backseat
to emotions leading to logical defeats.
Tribes they save their own
appearance leads to survival
attaching to those we know-
yes, it’s biological.
Deconstruct, but remember
the human mind likes systems
not a weakness
but natural
a way to ensure-survival.
We are in fact animals!
Animals work in systems, hierarchy-
maintains society,
social etiquette keeps down violence
by forcing accountability
we used to shame the criminals
teaching life is pivotal
losing it too cynical.
What have you academics really rectified?
When the world deconstructs
and society dies:
all the oppressed and marginalized
will fall
just like the majority.
Every difference has meaning
the goal of your intersectionality
should teach us of the difference
while not creating friction
tolerating difference
not accepting all this fiction.

Always beautiful Lena

Here we go again-
hypocrisy in skin!
Lost the weight through starving
now claiming you’re not flaunting,
hamming it for cameras,
pretending you aren’t trying-
maintaining that you’re charming?
You certainly aren’t a hottie
a mentor, or survivor,
honey you’re just a liar
a rich girl with no fire,
just a vapid, tacky, yuppie
with too much money.
Lena Dunham is so lucky!
Never knowing realities short comings,
playing at delusional
to get out of something-
honey I’ve lived with delusions
you know a lot of nothing.
Scream fat, get thin, pretend you aren’t playing it-
keep saving the poor and women
even the ones
who don’t give

Mental gymnastics

Compiled of March 16-17 tweets from: Professor Fleming @alwaystheself

I don’t think it ever makes sense
to tell women
to “just shut up” about our
experiences of gender.
But women must find a way to talk about our *own* subjective experiences…
which is why I often ask
*white* women to
position themselves as *white* women
so you can tell us about *white* womanhood.
The point is that
excluding *trans*
women from womanhood
(as Adichie did)
contributes to *trans*
women’s oppression
I’m making the assumption
that *cis* women can’t speak to
fully understand
*trans* experiences (plural)-
vice versa.
People who can’t admit that
*trans* women from “women”-
for *trans* women who seek to describe
what it means to be
I ask that you
*cis* women’s views and knowledge on the matter.
Understanding *trans* women as “women”
had required me
to rethink/relinquish
the basis upon which
I’ve understood and

That said,
marginalized folk
can and do
dominate folk
into silence.

Defining gas lighting

One, two, three,
change the science into cheats
change the dialect we speak
to benefit your needs
to liken ‘me’ to ‘we’
to cover up the seams
of dirty gas lighting.

One, two, three
make a liar outta me-
change a car into a tree,
a moth into a scream!
Tell me a woman is a man
say that I should understand
female is the science
woman is the brand.

One, two, three
keep on gas lighting
keep the fight going
until the truth is green
and the words don’t keep
our minds on things;
like guilt and sleep-
did I move that thing?
did I change the sheets?
what’s my name? What’s the week?

One, two, three, four
mind is mush forever more
the goal of gas lighting has scored
another consumer on the floor
brought to madness
brought to knees
the gas lighters only lead-
not for control
then they drive the victim
to ward b.

Congratulations, Katy.

Gilded goddess,
babbling whore,
don’t even know what you’re meant for.
A golden calf, an utter hack-
the killing fields won’t hold you back!
Once profaned a love of Lord
took the temple
make it yours
forget the tail of youth unfurled
the anger of Jesus
at this sick world.
Katy Perry the second rate calf
hanging on to fame,
no real gift of gab
lost in a hell that shows through those eyes-
pools of sacrilege, dirty, knowing lies.
Won out the temple?
Oh aren’t you proud
took it from holy women
but you are allowed
the morning star has fallen
to the whore of Babylon
Katy is chained to the rhythm
turning up the mob.

Educate me

Tell me what a female is;
a compilation of unhinged,
a figure made of porcelain-
colored vary tones of skin,
a body dressed in red ribbons,
a creature of no consequence.

Tell me what a female is-
I’ve been dying to be let in
to the secrets of my slit-
unknowing is like oxygen!
My lungs are desperate
to breathe again.

Tell me what a female is!
I’ve lived decades so ignorant,
as to my own narrative-
caught up in the experiences.
Guess that’s wrong due to your existence
being a woman is just some lipstick?

Upon second thought,
I think it’s just you
how ’bout
define yourself
not my poon.


I find myself still wanting
beloved and adored
the curse of having fallen
face planted to the floor.
Decades lost to sacrifice
the writings on the wall
just a skip past circumstance
I find I’ve done it wrong.
Never looking back-not a choice
just a fact
cannot turn a neck that’s twisted
this way over that.
I find myself still wanting
singing words of lunatics.
I find myself still haunting
the days old tired myths.


You know
I thought I was a boy:
too big, too tall, not feminine enough.

Looking like my brother
not a single sign of mother.
I’m a little girl but confused about my cover
I have the body-but maybe I don’t?
I think I’ll bleed-but maybe I won’t?

I’m a little girl
my body barely grown
can you fucking tell me;
what story do I own?
What the fuck is female
when dysmorphia is home?
What the fuck is my tale
when anxiety has grown?

You tell me what is female
tell me what to do
if it’s not about my vagina
surely it’s my everyday pursuits?

Yet, I don’t know my face
can’t visualize my body
my mind a mental wreck
plagued by symptoms-mind is foggy.

You know,
I use to think
I was a boy
a girl it seemed to me was void
of everything my body meant;
too big, too tall, too masculine,
but then you see
I found the truth within-
genders just the outside skin-present the way that feels the best
it’s biology that dictates sex.
Tell me what it is to be a female;
lipstick, nice hair, and seashells?

Nature and nurture
the real deal
a concept that saved my life-
so surreal,
despite the lies that have been told-
just females,
my body, my own, so unreal

I am a female.
A mix of masculine feminine freedom
owner of a cunt and reason.
Dsymorphia undone
through treatment.

The vaginas monologue

Here we are saving face
handling the purity of Grace
who under went the “good rape”
honored by a sister with good taste-
The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could-Roman Polanski’s hood-
changing a three to six doesn’t mean you should-
underneath the sheets where Emma Watson sleeps
letting women speak
pretending they are free.
Here we are saving Grace and
all the females being raped
by the leaders of our movement
female love it’s just improvement.
What’s the difference in a torment
just because it’s female forward
not a penis so it’s okay
just another sexual healing