Metals gleam

Little razor make me bleed

help me lose control and seize

the moments that belong to me.

Cure me of my disease

break me out of lock and key.

Let us fix the damage done,

create morbid beauty-half the fun

a trail in what’s become-

of the little angel, white as snow,

the abandon princess-no where to go. Find the razor, find your home

the flesh once cut no longer moans-

take the candle burn me out-

take the child morn the doubt.

Give the alters to your knees

supplement your faith for seeds

never know how much you’ll bleed.

Little razor forgotten means

forgive me of what I have seen

bleed me dry

the metals gleam.


(08 July 2016)



All that’s left

I am little, I am big-build the

curse that lives within.

A breath of Sun, a right as rain-

they will consider all they’ve paid.

Never knowing what will come

reading never showed the sum

spirits raving over dreams

life caught up or so it would seem.

Bury bones beneath your skin

the sum of your parts

the beast and sin,

ever the beauty the devil’s within-

brighten the surface-let it begin!

Worship the master, the child,

the kid. Lamb of the fallen-

a true God sets in-

daughter of harem, a

whore free from sin

triumphed the darkness, lead the witch to fight again.

Bury the hatchet

as I drown and scream

my flesh just a canvas

a holder of seed.

Basket of lovers, souls and of fiends

living a burden of setting you free.

I am no prophet, no saint, nor angel trail by error, fire and stone.

Bleed me ’til Heaven calls out my name

drags me to hell where I am too stay

eating your sins ’til judgement day.

I am your keeper, your burden, your safe.


(8 July 2012)


fallen up

I will tell of everything;

the cards, the sky, the earth beneath-

truth devour, hells belief,

the morning star’s unspent  bequeath.

I have seen the world beyond,

threads connecting through the fog-

visions of what’s come to be.

They no longer bemuse me

tired of the games defraud-

lonely idols, chosen gods.

Life half lived under glass

call for the raven-freedom at last!

Save me from what might have been,

lift the curse, unveil the sin,

gather up my roots and then:

give back living from within.


(23 June 2016)


christmas angel

Behind the glass I witness-

the dying of the light

a ward of iron madness,

a keeper chained by sight.

Look beyond the stars, hear the

voices of the gods-surrender to the mob. Ever lasting.

Behind the glass it frost, fogging all but lost

for all the years forgot,

watching this world rot.

Violence is a game-

crying out in shame

I would keep you safe, but I’ve been turned away.

Behind this glass I watch

knowing all along

the angel in deaths clothing

takes the demon from it’s cross.

I’m an ornament, a starlight bathed in sin-the world my oxygen

as I dance for you again.

Behind the glass I see

everything you breed;

the hate, the love, the hollow pieces

representing peace.

I could lead you to mercy, wash away your sin wear it on my flesh

give freedom from within. Yet

you’ve placed me on a mantel

like an angel atop a tree

a gift for sheer amusement

making prophecy for thieves.


(22 June 2016)



Lead me beside the water

lay my head so I may drink

bleed my soul of envy

breathe death into me.

I have suffered a thousand lives

mistaken for a Queen;

a faceless mirror beast,

gilded servant dressed

in weeds.

Lead me to the mountain

take my life for God.

I’ll wake up in the morning

still breathing-still grieving

a believer ever more.

Lead me to the pyre

feed my soul the fire-Holy Spirit

keep me breathing, broken soul

still bleeding out my heart


Keep me whole-forgive me

and lead me to the water

lay my head to drink.

I will be Your faithful

through burden and defeat.


(17 June 2016)



In the dark you’ve called for me

blistered skin, on frozen cheek

fade to sounds

dare not speak-the horror that’s been done to he.

One to three a vultures keep-

the beyond- power seek

break the chains upon

your feet

ankles bound by shackles bleed,

iron rust-succumb to sleep.

Shadows never meant to be

take the prize, take their feed

make a devils get complete.

In the dark you called for me,

answered by the fall you see

take the bell ring it’s fate

all your enemies

will be slayed.

Glory for the shadows

redemption for their pride-

give the blood tomorrow

their power undenied.


(16 June 2016)


Between pages

My life is sacrifice

paintings on the wall

symbols of wanderlust

absolute, absolve.

This world a fairytale

a dream-I can’t wake up!

No rabbit, no wardrobe, no

building of the ark-

I was born in wonderland

unreality my home- trouble is I see the writing,

over everything-

see the veil and what’s beneath

reality is clear.

My life is sacrifice

a princess but a slave.

Gilded like a goddess

a servant whore on display.

Beat me with my gifts

tell me that I’m loved

govern my existence

offer me to God.

Chain me to the bed post

torture me with Sun.

My life is no life

this body not my own

this land of wonder lust

thoughts become my tome.

(16 June 2016)


sin eater

I remember;

a vision of what’s to be,

redemption bringer-

sin eater-

Queen of the unseen.

Army of fallen angels

demons of the trade

bring the souls of vision-

reconstruct their debt.

Borrowed vision

see the truth

you’re crimes will ever be removed.

I remember a warrior Queen

saint of the sinful

Lucifer’s dream.

This is the life hidden for me-

a mother in madness,

meant to lead,

ever the teacher a version


finally understood what’s meant

to be.

(16 June 2016)



Reality doesn’t want me

the devil still he haunts me

and all the while I go mad.

A raven haired woman with bones

of ash

blood of glass-

this is all I have!

Memoirs and poppycock,

pitchforks and apricots,

my heart a metal piece

rusted death defeated.

Kick me down-I need it.

Forfeit love-conceited.

This is my soul-unfree it.

I took it all-

didn’t mean it.

Take it all back-

I’ll leave it.

This is my luck; mistreated,

broken and numb-left bleeding.

I have no home-don’t need it.

Reality not my own-so be it.

My body is on loan-just leased it.

The angels say “not long

you are needed” I will never run

just weaken.


the painting

Slit my wrist-

push me off a cliff

and call out

“you’re falling.”

Livings overrated leaves

you numb, and feeling jaded

though the sad fact is

that I would hardly know.

My veins stretch cross the sky now

found draped like lightening

flowing down, down

til-reaching open skull fill-filling up the brain exposed to wind and rain

the impact the trauma and shame.

Low in the sky my torso

it glides gracing the horizons

severed and true. The wounds that

it wears hidden by air

the sunshine it blesses pale skin.

The scars light hides

as the shadow inside keeps watch behind darting eyes.

Body displaced behind currants of shame my life just a script

for the play.

No one will watch it, but

praise what they gain from the scene-not real.

Kill me so softly, brutal and wanting

leave me to die as I’ve lived.