Kill the preacher

Kill the preacher
don’t let it go
take what’s been given
take the old soul
drink in the madness
take out the king
given to things
always unseen
kill the priest
and break the mother
keep yourself
all under covers
dressed in sheets
all made of black
white is gone
no coming back
rip angels from the sky
rip their wings
no longer high
kill the preacher
make him dead
take what’s been given
take what’s left

Classism: Do you see what I see

Do you see the other side
smiling to you as they lie
the rich hold up in their mansions
speaking like they know their actions
telling you we’re all the same
as if they even know the game
they are bored while we all die
claim we’re equal while trapped inside
they got good and money and comfort
we’re not equal they don’t suffer
they get tested recover quick
we get stories of dying kids
this is when you should remember
you are not a Kardashian or Jenner
you don’t have it like Madonna
Gaga isn’t actually your mama
do you see how they smile
they’ll tell you how they survived it
chastise you when they still roam
go wherever the fuck they own
put the top down change the scene
do you think the rich know
what isolation means?

From afar

It looks so good from far away
I look so right no signs of grey
I take my time
just another dame
another girl who don’t look your way
it looks so good but then you get close
see the cracks and see the smoke
but you pretend it’s all okay
better with what the eyes don’t make
you see it all and it’s so broken
it looked so good but now I’ve spoken
everything not what you think
from afar don’t know its me

Love me

Love me
love me
please just tell me you do
I’m desperate for something to hold on too
I need more than emptiness
need more than words
I thought you loved me so why does it hurt
you gave me life brought me to this world
but you walked away proving my worth
love me
oh love me
please say that you do
even if it’s a lie I don’t care about the truth
I know that you don’t just say it please
so I know what it sounds like to hear something sweet
love me please love me
oh what did I do
you say that you need me but that’s nothing new
fill me with expectations kept far away
tell me you love me
I’m not asking you to stay

Purple flower

Wilting like a purple flower
dying in the shadow’s hour
you’ll get mad neglect to water
forget that you should even bother
patterns turn across the floor
the light it dies it feeds no more
almost knock the vase down
dying flower does fall out
as the darkness begins to taste
the flower petals wilt and fade
purple turns to a pale white
thank you for your passing light