Too soon

Got me on a leash
problems I don’t need
advice I’ll never heed
please don’t take my sugar away
let me have a little taste
I just want a birthday cake
got me on a choke collar
leading me like a dog to water
cannot drink for fear of relapse
let me go the truth is unlatched
please don’t take my fruit and phone
leave me just the fuck alone
got me on a thin red line
cutting tight rope bleeds my thighs
I just want to walk alone
keep my freedom learn to grow
but you got me on a lead
a leash that chokes when I sleep
let me go but then you do
I don’t think I’ll wake too soon


stuck again
can’t quite remember when
I let it go and then
took another shot for him
drinking all that smoke right down
drowning sorrows can’t live without
stuck again I’m drunk too soon
can’t get out this afternoon
I’m sick with tears
and tired of sorrows
drinking stuck with bitter tomorrows

Learning bed

Stunted by my learning bed
kept so quiet like the dead
trapped inside my heart so rubber
kept myself from drinking covers
death in watch and wait you see
the monster of the lessons keen
stunted by the blood that drips
falls upon such silent lips
trapped inside my rubber heart
not for longing the song forgot


I don’t take kindly to
how I’ve been living used
like an old rag you throw
broken no room to grow
cast me aside again
I don’t think that I like it
like to throw myself away
broken tried in pain
how I’ve been living used
thought it was my own truth
cast aside once again
I’m not the one they wanted