To use

I’m a mirror for you to paint
can no longer see me
I’m useless
there’s a story you want to see
a play to act in
the player is me
there’s something you think I am
broken mirror painted mad
I’m the puppet you hold the strings
I dance for you and you believe
the picture you paint is just me
you treat me as what you see
I’m a mirror broken from paint
the layers they’re heavy
they crack and they burn
I’m useless so paint me to use

Pussy Power

I got privilege between my legs
nobody owns it like they say
I’ve been taught that I am strong
I got that pussy it’s like a law
I can scream loud and tell you lies
you believe me because it’s right
if I’m wrong well that’s oppressive
I’m not really liking this attention
I’ll make you feel like it’s okay
to joke around me and just play
but when I see an opportunity
I’ll jump ship I got immunity
tell the world that you harassed me
and they’ll believe it or just demure
they won’t sensationalize I’m just a girl
I got privilege in this pussy of mine
I don’t ever need to be right
if I’m uncomfortable men will rise
fight off detractors my white knights
all the other girls will come to my side
and the ones who don’t
yeah those bitches ain’t right
handmaidens and brainwashed
they the reason men rape ‘cause
they submit where I fight
even if I’m wrong the world says I’m right
I can lie and manipulate
I got privilege between my legs
I rewrite all of history
say that women always on their knees
if you contradict that’s oppression
like I’m right because I’m a woman
don’t call me out because I got tits
privilege between my legs and you want it
I’ve been taught that I am strong
but working hard it takes too long
so I’ll just scream and cry and shout
and then raise hell when I’m called out

Off the floor

I don’t feel good
no not today
well again
like yesterday
maybe better
probably worse
I don’t feel good
no not today
I guess it’s just like
any other day
I don’t feel good
don’t want to eat
I just keep thinking
I should go to sleep
used to be able
to get out of bed
but today I don’t feel good
like I’ve already said
just like yesterday
and maybe before
I just don’t feel good
anywhere off the floor

Don’t wanna

I don’t wanna wake up
I don’t wanna see the truth
I don’t wanna know right from wrong
or good from bad
I want to go on living under sand
and I want to stop
feel like I’m always ever on top
I don’t wanna wake up
I wanna dream til I believe
I want what’s right now
and what feels good inside of me
I don’t wanna be a grown up
though I’m far too old to make that choice
I don’t wanna know that
I have misused my own voice
oh this is harder
harder than just staying in
I don’t wanna wake up
I’ve already seen where I haven’t been