Breaking and entering

Tonight we find ourselves with dear little Madison. Her pretty little head filled with sugar plums as she snoozes delicately on her pillow. Our girl doesn’t hear the window break, but she stirs. Her breathing slows the blankets crumple at her waist as she finds herself on her back. Deep breath in, her chest rises, something isn’t right. There’s a creak-it’s the third step. Is Ari home? Madison wonders as she makes her way to consciousness.“Shit!” it’s said under breath-it’s not Ari. Madison’s eyes fly open-it’s not Ari! Heart pounding she’s forgotten where the bat is. It’s right behind her door, but she’s not thinking clearly.
He’s on the final step. Her room is to his right. “The diving knife” she gasps reaching under the bed, hands meet sheath, as the doorknob begins to turn.
Deep breath Madison this bad man is coming in! Her eyes already adjusted to the dark narrow as she pulls the knife to her side “get out” she growls firmly, he laughs seeing her on the bed immediately undoing his zipper. Wrong move! Leaping towards him she strikes with the butt of the knife screaming wildly “I warned you!” again and again the butt falls she’s not sure where all she sees is red. “this is my house! My house! And you’ve ruined it! You ruined MY SAFETY!” again and again she strikes he’s on the floor now trying desperately to cover his bleeding dome. “This is my home! Mine! You don’t fucking belong her!” hot tears stream down her face, she feels nothing, but rage. Madison, sweet, sweet Madison seethes seeing nothing, only feeling, feeling the need to protect. To live. To get rid of this intruder at all cost. He can’t flee, but she doesn’t know. He tries to push her off his arm meeting the naked flesh of her abdomen-wrong move bandit boy.
She turns the knife, the metal sings, our lady roars and everything is painted in wanna be theif blood. Breathing heavy her face dripping with his life “I warned you. This was my home, mine.” Tears mix with the blood as uniformed men run up the stairs Ari visible behind them. A neighbor saw him enter and called. There was no time. “I told him to get out” she says numbly as a blanket falls onto her shoulders the blood mingling with the fabric.
The officers stare down at the body “I’d call this excessive-” the words stop as Ari reveals a dozen or so bills held in an obsidian clip. “Get the body out of here, woman was in the right.”
Staring into nothing our girl Madison nods slightly mouthing with a faint smile I warned you.


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