Army nurse

This afternoon a pretty little plum sits at the back of the bus, posture perfect, eyes fixated forward and that pretty little bun topping her chubby head.
She’s uncomfortable, but only to a foreign eye in the land of Liberation she’s the picture of calm.
One more stop. Clutching her purse she readies herself. Today, she is Mei. Today, she is not anyone other than the good daughter. The stop nears she pulls the cord and stands as though the bus is not in motion and heads for the front. This little dumpling blends, but those liberated boys still stare, panda girls are suppose to be obedient.
“Hey! Madam butterfly-where you headed?” one man dared moving toward her while the bus rocked to a stop.
Madam butterfly? Her eye brow twitches, but she stones that face right up.
A heavy hand falls on her shoulder, the doors open, she begins to move “where you going, pretty?” Our girls mad now as sandaled feet hit concrete “what no speakie engrish?” Engrish? keep that eyebrow down! The bus has long left as the two stand in front of the stop our plum boiling, our lad simply grinning-so clever.
The panda twirls once removing the man’s hand and putting some distance between them. Shooting him an angels face eyes as wide and glowing as she could muster “ooooooh! You right, very smart!” She claps and giggles jumping up and down “crevea man! Crevea man” she fobs it up “creva man end up chop suey if no puck oph” she beams their eyes locking, her’s going dead and in a deep manly voice adds “tee hee”
The man is startled by the sudden dead face combined with the cute threat and stumbles backward away. Not another word.
Deep breaths. She turns around the doors sitting once again directly in front of her Withering Gardens. The bright robin’s egg doors trap her as sounds of giggles fill her ears.
Mei, today you are Mei, Mei, Mei, Mei… Mei…
“MEI!” hands take her shoulders and Butch flips the keeper only to find herself staring down at a familiar face “WHAT THE FUCK! GET OFF!”
Oops. “Eh? Jade…” pulling her sister off the ground quickly Butch shakes away.
“Yeaaaaa-you fucking ox!” Jade the actual pride of the Hu-clan smacks her eldest sister as she fumes. Though, this time it’s understandable-Jade hates it on her back. “Where have you been?!” the tiny girls eyes are on fire.
Mei sighs her glasses slipping down her nose ever slightly “I-I wa-”
Cut off “well she’s been waiting! Get inside now” pushing and hitting her shoulders Jade leads the dumpling forward “you don’t come enough!” She whispers venomously into her ear shaming, berating and belittling as they parade down the halls the audience unaware of the events. Seeing two happy China dolls shuffling gracefully to their mothers side and nothing more. Once entering the room Jade’s tone changes “mama! Look who’s here” as mama’s eyes open a smile etches it’s way too her face-meds help with emotions.
The room empties while Mei almost on autopilot takes her place. The curtains open flooding the small area with light creating a softness to the fragile ever aging woman and provides a grace to the feminized version of Butch.
Taking an envelope from her purse she sets it on the bedside table before taking her seat. In steady Cantonese Mei greets her mother who immediately questions when the wedding will be.


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