Luna Towers

Tonight-oh! Ladies and gentlemen tonight we bring you Alpha! We find this sexy hyena stalking prey at no other than the Luna Towers. Our ladies got a score to settle.

Everything was dark except one office in the distance where the bitch sits, but Alpha isn’t thirsty. This little piggie will come to her-did the darkness get darker? In that office it did. “Oh fuck!” Amber exclaims grabbing her tablet to light the way to the circuit breaker.
Our heroine smirks as the air gets heavy-snickers, cackles, and howls? begin to fill the space. Amber stops just outside the office door, the tablet light on her face-as though that’s a great idea. “What the shit-someone there? This isn’t funny.” the fear is apparent as she furrows her brows. Stamping a foot “this is stupid Amber” she laughs and moves toward the breaker. Stumbling along the way hitting shins on chairs and so forth Alpha gets bored.
Beginning to count the seconds as the light turns in the wrong direction “oh for fuck sake!” the savage lady screams. Amber’s light turns her way and finally the tablet turns outward. The young CEO can see the deadly beast-a lucky last sight. Before she can make a peep Alpha topples her breaking her legs at the kneecaps as they fall.
The pain induced wails send shivers down our heroines spine as she sits atop her victim. “Oh darling don’t cry!” taking her blades out she stakes Amber’s hands to the floor. “I’m gonna need you to be quiet honey” cooing she rips the girls shirt sleeve off then stuffs it into her mouth. Our beauties lips begin to twitch into hysteria as she looks at the other woman’s fear “Amber Warren” runs fingers down her forehead, nose and lips “a descendent of filth which is a product of filth which can be traced all the way back to the dark ages. Of filth no less” Alpha places her cheek on Amber’s  “you are what’s wrong with this world. Pathetic, weak, and so willing to die. You are the reason people like me exist.” Running gloved nails down her cheek “no matter” she looks into her fear filled eyes. Cocking her head to one side with that manic smile “either way you die!” Never flinching from her gaze she begins to beat in her face, her gloved fist meeting bone with glee.
Her crazed laughs echo through the offices, filling the darkness-along with the awkward background noise from when this all started. As her fist fall again, and again, and again. Alpha enthralled with this eventuality.


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