FREAK chase

We find ourselves watching a good ol’fashion FREAK chase. This little kitty better get a move on or she’ll be fish bait!

Huffing and puffing we’re introduced to young Katherine as she flees the bloodthirsty norms hot on her tail. From behind she hears the hate “FREAK! KILL THE FREAK!” she knew she’d done wrong, but lynch-wrong? This shit is ridiculous.
Knocking over everything in her path she heads down the subway entrance steps-praying to whatever would listen it’d be open. Met with a rusty iron rod gate she gulps pushing it forward, is it? It is.
Risking only seconds to crush the bars into place hopefully to lock out the fire-where the fuck do city folk get torches? Katherine keeps moving. The funs not over yet.
Following the abandon rail she finds herself closing in on the ruins where it could mean escape or it could mean death. She’s heard the stories.
But caution is a luxury one she cannot afford “there she is!”
“Get her!”
“FREAK!” the mobs found her. The bars are rusty and she may have broken them a bit…
“Fuck” she sighs willing her way forward she may be strong, among other things, but this chase started long before we got here. From the subway she finds a drop where the track falls into the sewers. Through the fecal decorated cavity she plunges deeper, maybe norms won’t want hepatitis? Internally she’s screaming but an open mouth is vulnerable so she holds it in.
The flames are getting closer, the footsteps joined by others, apparently they haven’t heard the stories. In a river of you don’t want to know she pushes through noticing nothing but what’s before her, keep moving, keep moving-how are they still getting closer!? Was what she’d done all that bad? Yes, but come on she’s about to fall down a waterfall of shit.
At that moment she looks down-she shouldn’t have-and realizes she’s ran directly off the ledge “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” submerging she’s reminded of why an open mouth is vulnerable. The mob unencumbered by the need to live have used the narrow walk way lining one side of the wall almost en masse-those who didn’t were wise enough to get on it to use the ladder down at least. 
Our unlikely heroine finds her way to the surface frantically swimming towards the edge luckily she’s smart enough to go the opposite of the ladder lifting out of the river to continue her run. The open area of the waterfall quickly became a dark tunnel she pushed through feeling eyes. Light from behind-they found her!
“Fuck” she pants using her arms and the walls to throw herself forward as light hits her eyes. Neon lights.
Suddenly she falls down, down, down through the roof of one of the old city shops. As she falls she sees a portion of the mob and their torches flickering. Right before hitting the roof they become obscured by neon colored gas.
Then she crashes. Hitting shelves and book stacks upon entrance the items fall on her and for a moment it looks like she’s dead. The mob believes it, so they exit. Which leads to the neon lights losing some of their intensity through the hole in the roof.
Moments pass before she rises knocking everything away frantically. Vomiting the contents of her stomach while violently trying to remove her excrement ridden clothing-we’ll give her a minute.

About an hour later with our heroine having disrobed and collected herself we find her gazing upon the walls. It’s hard to see but the chemicals in the air provide a dim light she moves slowly a smile breaking ear to ear. Superheroes paint the walls characters of the past perfectly reserved in The Vault a ruin of old, the former city’s last comic book shop. A naked Katherine finds a stack and sits-escape after all.


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