Black mouth

The night air is crisp in the city the only light the street lamps that flicker. We find ourselves traveling home with an agent of CIS the young woman cherry-cheeked and hiccuping as she saunters onward. Surrounded by tall brick buildings blocking out the harsh sounds of the world beyond the Cobble District “hic- hic- oh my what fun!” she giggles grabbing a lamp post and swinging her small frame around it.
Then, suddenly, a chill crawls up her spine, mid-spin she halts pressing into the post. Her ear perks the sound of a small drum-again-again-the sound again. “Who’s there?” she yells her voice cracked. A blink and there in the circle of light a block away stands a woman “ehhh?” she grips the post “who-wh-“. The woman is dressed out of the Edo era, hair elaborately adorned, and face painted porcelain white. She drums faster and faster. Her head tilting side to side as the agent stands frozen trying to scream. “Ah! Ah!” the sound cuts itself off-she can hardly breathe!
The drum stops suddenly as the oiran drops her garb revealing a naked body bound in intricately tied ropes. Her head tilted dramatically to one side, body held perfectly still, as her eyes widen and smile opens-black. Her smile is black! The agent let’s out a soundless scream. The drums fill her ears as the oiran moves in to its ever increasing beat.
Out of the light into the darkness our victim blinks and now our terrifying vision is right before her face. Sharing the circle of light the agent attempts to scream the sound disappearing as the black sharpened teeth reveal themselves.
Tonight, we don’t make it home.


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