When the mouse hunts the cat

Cindy Owens plays on the tiny retro t.v. under her desk the library dead. Tonight we find the little mouse Lisa her platinum bangs disheveled over round silver frames. She’s getting frustrated “the Vero Alpha struck again last night!” she continued to stamp the returns with a huff tossing them more violently into the cart behind her “this time the victims-poor souls-were police officers in the Riverside District. Their names are being withheld out of respect for the families, but the hearts of the Network are with them. Here’s the still of this elusive Vero”. She dared looking at the screen as the crowds cheers turned to a mix of sound distortion a scantily clad woman standing over the officers. She had a printed fur bra and skirt with calf high leather boots her mask the visage of a spotted hyena the image made her sick. The audiences mixed reaction cause hot tears to well in our book worms eyes her cheeks red with fury as she attempts to lift a rather heavy text up from the return pile. “Some have labeled this woman a Vero but others have called her a criminal what do you think?” Cindy began her audience run finding a young woman who grabbed the mic excitingly
“O-M-G she’s totally a Vero! So empowering!” the girl began jumping wildly with her friends.
“Oooh empowering bold wor-” BAM! The Librarian has had enough as the large text smashes her fingers. “Oww!” As she waves her burning fingers in the air Cindy Owens is shut off.
“My!” she exclaims turning toward the attacking b tome it’s cover painted in dust “how’d you get out?” recognizing the book as an artifact she blows the dust away. Embellished and bordered extravagantly the center focus of the cover titled Columbia: the statue of liberty with the visage of Columbia imposing her justice.
“Veros… Just vigilantes murdering freedom!” fist slam on the table “Alpha… you-you’re time is done.” with lightening in her eyes the tiny school girl like librarian runs to the archives grabbing the banned dark age flags and show needles. “You’re time is up!” with a boom of thunder Lisa cackles visions of grand ol’Columbia in her head.


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