Fortune teller

Tonight, we catch our witch working the crystal ball.
“Tell me your desire” a green glow under funeral attire ask as this FREAK works the room each crackled molecule playing right to get the groove. “Tell me why” the funeral brides head rises toxic hands circling the crystal “you’ve come too me” her voice a hiss a seriously sinister miss.
She’s got a flapper in her chair. The gals beard behind his broad. And she speaks “I um” swallows gripping his hand over her shoulder normals never felt more combustible than amongst Wicked’s green. “I want tonight’s prize” her face hardens a pretty miss now a sour apple. “I want… Sandi Olsen out of the way-can you make that happen?” she finished quickly in a whisper catching her breath.
Wicked rumbles a laugh our green lady working the lights “AHA! it’s always jealousy my friend! Pay the price and done is your deed!” the words end in a growl. Long black nails tapping on the glass ball green eyes gleaming from behind the veil.
The dame gasp throwing cash at the FREAK “I expect results! Come on Jimmy!” she pushes herself and Jimmy out stammering her words, tripping over herself as they fled.
Wicked sighed her glowing green flesh calming losing the fluorescence, but keeping the color. Counting the bills; one, two, three “Sandi Olsen so mote it be”.

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