Steal from me

In the lab some scientist find themselves up against a desk. For Betty quite literally. “You know, I’ve always wanted a pet.” the colleague drooled over the very docile pink haired hottie “Stem is so mean for keeping you away” he pushed himself in between her legs, feet now off the ground, one pretty little heel falling down.
She pushed weakly “no…” she breathed, did he think it was a sign?
The man pulled her by the lab coat his fat sweaty lips move in-
“Mean!? HA HA HA” finally the heroine appears-her laugh ripping her binds. Ample breast bursting through her pale blue button up hitting the pigs face as he meets the cleavage head on. “Steal from me!? AHA HA HA HA! DIE!” with elegant parting words this hero slams a monitor-wait-yes a monitor into his skull! Bashing down again and again this sexy manic laughs her way into ecstasy. She looked upon Betty with satiated eyes “all safe.” then gazed into the security camera with a wink.


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