Girls on the train

A pair of girls sit directly in front of our heroine discussing the nights performances-the newsreels couldn’t get enough! “Oh. My. God. Did you hear about” in a whisper “the murders? In Mission no less” she seemed giddy, most young girls were, unprecedented city fame!
Her counterpart let out a giggle leaning in “I know!” louder than expected the girl looked around making a quick glance behind her seeing our heroines face planted in a book. “They were saying she took out-”
The leader cut off her friend “five! Five guys without weapons-”
The conversation struggle began “they said her nails are like knives-“talk about diamond polish” they laughed before the leader insisted on retelling the tale.
“They did she followed the men home, they were, like coming from a work party or something. All drunk they stumbled into an alley or something confused they just stood there trying to figure out where they were. So, like, standing in this alley asking” in her best male voice “‘ughhh where are we?’ ‘huh huh huh gulp’ you know a drunk laugh or something” back to normal voice “then they hear the click, click, click of heels one of the men just hoots loudly thinking he’s funny or something the clicks get closer then silence- then BAM!” she yells loudly startling the entire train cart lowering her voice immediately continuing “she’s on top of them. They say she fights like a hyena ripping out the throats of the five men in an elegant violent twirl-the reports say she cackled like one. She left their bodies in a bloody circle their throats ripped out their hearts gone-” the train slows. Their ride over.
Her friend takes a deep  then sighs “they must have been…”
“Bad men” our heroine smiles as she passes their seats a small smile on her red, red lips.

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