10 dating tips for the empowered woman

1: Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t think like a man and don’t be the cool girl. Be you. Be honest to yourself and your partners. Settle for nothing less than love for the authentic you.

2: Say it. When you have doubts, concerns or you are just bothered by something-say it. Don’t hold back feelings for fear of losing a partner or to spare them. It’ll lead to your unhappiness and you deserve better.

3: Don’t think like a man. This one begs repeating. If one night stands, and emotionless flings aren’t your thing-it’s okay. It’s not really every guys thing. It just some people’s  thing regardless of gender if it’s not yours that’s okay.

4: Get comfy in solitude by recognizing your options. Lonely night in? Get cozy with your favorite movie and think about your day. You looked good, and everybody saw it. Who’d you see that caught your eye? Fantasy is healthy and can be a great way to get to know your true wants.

5: Take charge. Want to cross that line with a friend? Really want to talk to the mysterious stranger at the bar? Ask them out, or buy them a drink. It’s hot, it’s alluring, and most importantly it feels amazing. Go get that rush.

6: Don’t cheat. There are a hundred excuses for why anyone cheats-you don’t need them. If you find yourself in an unhappy relationship, handle it. Have that conversation, give a reasonable time frame for change and bounce if the problem persists.

7: Resist temptation. Take a second and ask yourself why? Don’t make excuses take the second. If you need to end your relationship because your not done frolicking, do it. There’s no shame in needing time to have fun, but there is in the act of cheating.

8: Don’t rush and not just the physical. Don’t rush emotions savor the slow build and really take the time to see if this person is worth your time. You deserve the best take the extra time to see what you really want if anything out of it.

9: Give the best. When you expect the best you gotta give it in return. It’s beneath an empowered lady not to give it their all. Set the pace for respect, romance, and passions-all who fall behind, get left behind.

10: Don’t settle for an unhappy relationship, marriage, or even friendship if you’re not satisfied chances are they aren’t either. Talk it out and be okay with goodbye. You deserve to be happy.


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